Yuna & Co. Answers: When to Meet a Stylist?

We always believe in autonomy in personal style. As a form of self-expression, it’s important that the intention to dress up should come from oneself. It shouldn’t be anybody’s business too. But we acknowledge that there are times when we need other people’s help, even for something as personal as our way to express ourselves. 

When we’re having a hard time, we seek for help from an expert. In the fashion world, a stylist is the key person that can help you seek any advice about style. So, when is a good time to meet a stylist? Here are the three major signs that show you need to meet a stylist ASAP!

1. You keep saying you don’t have anything to wear

We all go through this moment, right? Usually it will pop up in the morning before we go out or in the evening when we have to attend an important event. Sometimes it can happen because maybe you just haven’t found new inspirations to mix and match, but other times, you really don’t have anything to wear!

Say that an important event you need to attend has a glam 1920s dress code, but since you’re not a fan of feathers and blings, you really don’t have anything related to this era. This is the perfect example of S.O.S situation that requires you to meet a stylist and have a 1-on-1 session on what to buy.

2. You’re bored with your wardrobe

When was the last time you went shopping? *Gasp* Don’t tell us it was two years ago? No wonder you have decision fatigue whenever you open your wardrobe. Time for a pep talk! We don’t want to push you into a deep pit of consumerism, but we want to remind you that it’s still necessary to update your wardrobe every now and then. 

You may want to set aside a time to do a little bit of Marie Kondo’s KonMari method. With all the “doesn’t spark joy anymore” piles, you can either donate it to your local community, sell it on secondhand clothing marketplace, or recycle them into something useful. Now that you have less items inside your wardrobe, you’re ready to consult a stylist for a fresh perspective on your personal style!

3. You’ve been in your comfort zone for too long

Does this scenario happen to you? When you open your wardrobe, all you can see is a row of black shirts, tons of oversized clothes, and a pile of ultra comfy sweatshirts. This only means one thing: you’ve been trapped in your comfort zone for too long. 

It usually starts with a victory moment when you found THE one item that you love so much a while ago. You love it because it makes you look taller, or it makes you feel at ease, or it makes you look 5 years younger. So you keep looking for a similar item and stick to it for a long time. Trust us when we say that looking good doesn’t rely on a single item. Find many interesting ways to mix and match stuff until you’re satisfied with it.

As you’re doing a mini self reflection session, we’d like to introduce another service of us! You may know about our “Yuna Matchbox” already, but how about our “Style Corner”?

Style Corner is a styling service provided by Yuna+Co. that lets you meet and consult with our stylist. Our styling session includes 1-on-1 consultation, trying on clothes, and shopping for new pieces. You can either take home your new purchase right away or you can ask us to send it to your home. Easy peasy right?

Curious? Simply go to our app and choose “Style Corner”. Click the Whatsapp icon to book an appointment and you shall be redirected to a Whatsapp chat room. For more information you can read it here. Psst… if you use this service, the styling service is FREE!