Yuna Zodiac Fashion : 12 Astrology Outfit Ideas Written In The Stars

Believe it or not, your zodiac sign can offer insights into some of the most accurate answers to your fashion preference. We know, some of you must shake your heads in disapproval, but if people have been counting the rising stars for romance. luck or health, then why not fashion?

Before you begin to dismiss us, we invite you to our fashion reading with all 12 zodiac styles in the display. We got a feeling, you will not entirely disagree.


Aries is a Cardinal sign, which means that you have the qualities of a natural leader, including in the fashion department. Your desire to stand out is strong, but you’re also sensible when it comes to styling. This perfect balance of comfort and chic explains why we pick a good ol’ pair of jeans with an interesting fluffy top. Leave it to Aries to accessorize, you always want to draw attention to the head area, either with hair accessories or head-turning earrings.


No other sign values comfortable luxury quite like a Taurus does. You favor quality items and materials, prioritizing sustainable pieces that will last your investment. Naturally, you’re drawn to neutral and soft colors that never go out of style. This leaves a Taurus girl as someone with a fine unfussy taste, something our ensemble here strives for in every way.


It’s always playtime for Gemini! You’re not one to be abashed about showing your true self, always experimenting with the next trends or mixing it up through cycles of fashion must-haves. A creative Gemini also thrives varieties, be it athletic, feminine, eclectic or more, you are flexible and interesting that way – just like our OOTD here is.


Generally, your style does not stick to a trend, but rather the meaning behind it. This often gives you a classic vibe, working with key pieces that are timeless but also comforting in every sense. For a Cancer, it’s going to be hard to say no to mysterious color that reminds you of water ( think blue, green or silver). Just as hard as for you to say no to fine leather bag or shoes we have here!


A Leo is all about the bold and dramatic entrance. You love making a statement through your style, be it from vibrant colors, eccentric mix & match, or out-of-the-ordinary choices. You’re also as fashion-forward as it gets and wouldn’t mind the stare. After all, you’re always confident to pull it off, including our quirky combination here.


The perfectionist Virgo values refined and sleek clothing, nothing that draws too much attention. You’ll find traditional and structured lines appealing, especially those that serve functions in more than one occasion. Rarely one to make a splash, the best thing about you is how well you put everything together. Our considered OOTD here is just the perfect example for that.


The first impression matters to you, so you look forward to a balanced look as an expression of your natural sense of style. You are also quite a fashion chameleon in the making, drawn equally to feminine pieces and authoritative sides. As a result, you have your very own artistic styling that is unmatched with others. Our tailored look for Libra here defines it precisely.


Intense, edgy and mysterious – a true Scorpio keeps everyone guessing, including with the fashion sense. You prefer darker hues that spell passion and sensual vibes at the same time. A Scorpio can also be very bold with their items, leather boots, rugged accessories and all. Still, you’re not into temporary fads, but love the classic combination of a white tee and everything else.


Never hold back your real adventurous self, and trust that your fashion instinct will do you well. A Sagittarius’ signature piece is never far from the daring travel she has in her plan, be it a quirky pendant, an ethnic vest or a jacket with nostalgic values. Whatever it is, you need to roam free thus a supportive pair of footwear is simply a must.


You can be quite conservative with fashion. You prefer your style to be sweet, easy and slightly predictable. But you have a great taste when it comes to color combinations, preferring earthy luxurious tone as your power colors. Also, you won’t mind splurging on quality items to go a long way, so simple and classy like our OOTD here feels just right.


If there’s someone who dares to answer the fun & funky challenge, it’s gotta be the Aquarius. You’re not one to shy away from bizarre trends, trying on unusual styles and accessories at once. Not one to be dictated, what matters is the comfort and dressing responsibly. Our tote bag here and stacked rings are just the staples items to have.


Close to the water, your true love will always be something that flows, soothes and romances. A Pisces has a free-spirited nature which makes them prefer easy clothing, nothing too constricting. Something artistic and whimsical is always on your list, but above all your items must spell comfort to make it into your wardrobe, just like a few essentials displayed here.