Work Outfits You Really Want to Wear This Week

Whether you work in a formal slash “serious” fields, a creative office, a brand-new startup, or somewhere in between, we’re a big believer that your office look doesn’t have to be boring. You can always add flair to your look and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

We have curated 5 looks (Yup, that’s for 5 days of work. You’re welcome) with a flair that you can copy this week. Don’t worry, we tried to find the ones that are HR-approved so you don’t get in trouble 😀

Power item: a party dress

Why not wear your party dress to the office? To make it less attention-grabbing and more office-appropriate, buttoned up you blazer.

Power item: XXL clutch

Switch your usual work bag with XXL clutch for a change. It still carries all your essential without limiting you, and it looks stylish too.

Power items: dad’s sneakers & bright trousers

For one day, take off your heels and try to wear the on-trend dad’s sneakers. Add more impact with bright trousers and you’re good to go.

Power items: jumpsuit + turtleneck top

How to make a jumpsuit looks office-ready (and not vacation outfit)? Layer it with turtleneck top. In this look, turtleneck somehow gives off a neat vibe that suits office vibe.

Power item: shirtdress

Shirtdress is such an underrated workwear piece compared to suits and blouses. Shirtdress is actually so much fun to wear. It’s easy, and we don’t need to worry whether or not it’s office-appropriate cause it borrows the details of a regular shirt.

Let us help you in creating impeccable office styles! You can either order our Workwear Matchbox, have a private shopping spree accompanied by our professional stylist with Style Corner service, or 1-on-1 chat via Whatsapp with our stylist if you order White Glove service. Choose the one that suits your needs and we’ll be there to assist you! See you 🙂