What to Wear: Office Outing

On a humid afternoon in October, two friends are having iced Americano while talking about outfit,

“What would you wear to an office outing?”

“Eh? Is it that important?”

“Well, it is. See, you’re about to go with a group of friends, but we’re not that close so I can’t wear my favorite ugly but comfortable t-shirt in front of them. Also, we’re all on a professional level, so I can’t just dress whatever.”

“Wow, never thought of that. Hmm… what would I wear?”

“See? Tricky right. Ah, I’m going to Bali next week for outing, and I still don’t know what to wear.”

“I’m just as clueless as you are!”

That was a real scenario in which one of our writers has experienced. A friend of her was in a great dilemma about what kind of outfit is appropriate to wear during office outing. As a service that aims to make women feel great through seamless experience, we don’t want you to be confused like our writer’s friend. So, below are some looks that you can copy for an office outing!

  • Beachside City

If your office is planning to have an outing in an island or beachside city, we think these are great and appropriate outfits! When in a beachside city, it’s very important to pack clothes that are made from cooling fabric such as cotton, linen, blends and sweat-absorbing clothes.

Maxi dress is a great option to wear during an office outing. It has the perfect length that cover beyond knees and calves and perfect to be paired with sneakers! You can also try to wear neutral colored clothes to create an effortless sense. 

  • Colder Places

Maybe your office isn’t the beach type. Maybe your office is more interested in cooler places. If that’s the case, prepare a cute-looking knit sweater or sweatshirt. Pair them with either pleated skirts or wide-leg pants. If sweater or sweatshirt aren’t your thing, opt for a leather or corduroy jacket.

  • Nature Loving Squad

If your office likes places that are close to greenery (parks, gardens, zoos, and the likes), printed shirt is a way to go! Look for prints that are nicely blended with the scenery such as florals, plants or leaves, or abstract prints. You can also put on blazer to create a contrast to your laid back surroundings. If you’re in the mood for a dress, wear it over a t-shirt or blouse and you’re good to go.

  • Dining Out

Not all offices choose to go out of town for an office outing. Some offices prefer to have a casual get-together during dinner. If your office is one of them, try to wear a printed shirt that will start a conversation. During dinner, you’ll be surrounded by your co-workers, in which sometimes conversations are lacking. That’s when the interesting print (read: a good outfit) saves the day! You can always wear printed blazer, it’ll create similar impact!

We wish you good luck for the outing! Hope you’ll grow closer with your team members 🙂