What to Wear: Museum Visit

We hate to admit it, but museum visit has become an activity where we also take endless photos aside from admiring art. Though some museums don’t allow visitors to take photos, there are some “museums” (or more appropriately… exhibitions) allow visitors to interact with the art, take photos with the art and share it on social media. Hence, going to these type of “museums” require extra effort to dress up. Nobody wants to have bad photos of themselves, right?

To help you dress up, we curated some outfit inspirations for you! Scroll down to see which one suits you more.

1. Faux Parisian

We don’t know exactly why beret, or painter hat is heavily associated with Paris. But, we’ll take it anyway. What’s more appropriate than to dress like an artist when you visit a museum? Exactly! Wear a cute beret with literally anything! But we’re currently loving the the combination of crisp white shirt, black trousers, and beret. It’s a mix of formal and fun!

2. Patterns on You

Why a printed dress? Because… if you can’t be the artist, then be the art. Blend in with various colors, shapes, and lines at the museum. We promise you, it’d look good in the picture. Classic prints such as stripes and polkadots are still the easiest one to pull off but why not try big flowers and leaves on the dress?

3. Epic Outerwear

Do you have that one outerwear that you bought a long time ago just because it looks so pretty in the picture? Wear it to the museum! Maybe you’re hesitant to wear it because you don’t want to look a bit too much, but a museum visit is the exact occasion that you want to wear it to.

4. Speak Yourself

Ah, the ‘90s. We’re just never tired of the ‘90s trends, yeah? Well, art is a medium that artists use to convey what’s in their mind. So we think it’ll be great if you can also voice out what you think with a cute graphic t-shirt. They’re accessible and easy to find. Also, very versatile! You can wear it with flare jeans, or buttoned skirt and it’ll look good in any ways.