What to Wear: First Day at Work

You may be a bit clueless about what to wear to the office, especially if you’re a fresh graduate. A workplace is a different setting unlike school or even university. In the professional world, there are only a few kinds of acceptable attire. Wearing jeans probably isn’t the best idea.

Still to this date, many workplaces care about how you present yourself on the outside. They believe that by taking time to dress up, it means you take your role seriously. By dressing up appropriately, it can also be interpreted as a way to respect others and the company. So, make sure that you already know the vibe of the office (unless somebody has told you the attire rule that you need to follow).

The easiest ways to know the appropriate attire to wear at a workplace is either to ask right away during an interview or observe what the other employees are wearing when you come to the company for an interview or contract signing. But, if you forgot to do so, then here comes help! We care about how you look on your first day at the workplace, because we know first impression matters.


You certainly want to be remembered, but you don’t want to overwhelm everyone by coming to the office with every statement piece that you have in your closet. We recommend wearing a blouse with classic prints such as stripes or small polkadots if you don’t want to come plain. To add a little flair, wear a statement accessories, or in this example is a bright yellow bag. A long vest can also become a conversation starter!


If your company is in the business, legal, or financial sector, we suggest you to wear a more formal look. Wear a blouse or shirt with collar if it’s a must, but if not, any type of blouse will do. Wear a blazer to look more put together. If you’re bored with black, wear something like navy blue, dark brown, or dark grey. Keep the color choices safe as your company wants their employees to look neat and professional. You can tie a printed silk scarf to your bag as an eye candy.


When it comes to making an impression, it’s not always about more and more. Sometimes being less is better. If you’re not a fan of printed blouse, this look may be for you. Plain blouse can look charming too, like these satin blouses. Choose a soft or nude color if you’re bored with the conventional white blouse. Complete this look with a pair of classic black brogues for a chic but work-appropriate fit.

Doesn’t have time to shop for your first day attire? Order a Yuna Matchbox with your desired lineup and let our stylists know which item you want to wear to start your day at work with a BANG!

Good luck!