What to Wear: Brunch

Brunch might be Yuna’s favorite meal of the day (Yup! Brunch is a legit meal guys). It’s the time when we can enjoy a mix of savoury and sweet foods all in one plate. Brunch is the time when we can eat slower, savoring the different flavors while having either a quality time with our loved ones or with ourselves. 

With brunch, we kinda created our own rules of dressing up. First, we feel like the outfit needs to give us enough room to breathe. No skinny jeans, bodycon dress, or pencil skirt. Second, the outfit needs to look effortless—as if we’re not thinking about it too hard. Lastly, it needs to embody the feeling of the place. If it’s a chill bakery/cafe, don’t wear anything to serious like leather jacket.

Rules aside, we’ve picked 8 favorite looks that we think are perfect for your next brunch session!

Wear your most comfortable mini dress. A reliable mini dress with A-line cutting will help to create a slimmer illusion. It’s okay if you want to wear it with your favorite slides!

In line with the lazy, slouchy vibe of brunch, printed t-shirt with pinstripe trousers seem to be a great combo. What do you think?

Bring the fun to the table with an off-shoulder top with frills! Pair the sweet-looking top with distressed jeans for a more edgy feel.

Double denim cause why not? No, really, cause someone needs to be the cool girl at the place and double denim look can deliver that.

Your top may be plain and simple but a skirt with animal prints can make a difference! A pair of Dr. Martens’ boots will complete your look.

Forget about other tops, wear your chunky cardigan as a top!

We know that brunch is all about that slow pace activity, longer conversation, and lazy stretches, but don’t forget to bring the party with you. A multicolor skirt will not only make your outfit looks brighter, but also others’ mood. 

If you’re in the mood to dress up, wear a “fun” blazer. By fun we mean either the ones with unique cutting or prints on it. No need to wear a blouse, a plain white t-shirt would do!

How about you? What are your brunch rules?