What to Wear: A New Mom Coming Back to the Office

First and foremost, congratulations for being such a fighter and a hero to yourself and your newborn baby! Second, bravo for having the strength to come back to the office. Third, please pat yourself on the back for doing such an amazing job in juggling between your new job as a mom and your old job!

We are aware that you may not feel comfortable with the changes in your body yet. There may be many things that you’re not used to it. It probably makes you want to hide in oversized clothes all day. But, it doesn’t have to be like that! We present to you 3 power items every new working mom must have…

Power Item: Blazer

If you’re not comfortable with the shape of your body yet, instead of hiding in a giant sweatshirt or knitwear, opt for a blazer instead. Look for a blazer with clean silhouette and one size larger than your current size for maximum comfort. It will still give you shape though, don’t worry.

Power Item: Shirtdress

A friend of our content writer admits that after giving birth she actually hated spending time to think about what top and bottom to wear, so she often chose dress for her daily look. We think it’s a great idea and worth a try! For a formal look, nothing is more appropriate than a comfortable shirtdress. Choose a shirtdress made from cotton or linen to keep you cool and cozy. If you want to give shape to your body, wear a thin belt!

Power Item: Mules

Your feet may still feel sore even after giving birth to a baby. Maybe you were standing up all night trying to put the baby to sleep, so we understand if you want to part ways with your favorite heels. Here comes a pair of mules that is still business-approved, but won’t hurt your feet!

Your newborn baby demands your full attention and time, so you may not have enough time to shop for a new set of workwear. No need to worry since you have us in your hands. Shop for our Yuna Workwear Matchbox via app and it will arrive at your door at anytime!