What to Wear: 7-Days Travel to Tokyo in Autumn

Autumn is starting to show its face on the other side of the world. Do you have a plan to go on a holiday this fall? If so, you’re lucky to find this article! Such a timely coincidence. We’re about to give you style inspirations for autumn in Tokyo.

If this fall is going to be your first fall in Tokyo, packing and deciding which items go into the suitcase can be an overwhelming task. When traveling, you want to dress appropriately (considering the culture, the vibe, and the current weather of the place) but at the same be mindful about the space of our suitcase. Keep reading so you don’t overpack!

Though Japan is known for its Harajuku style, you’re not necessarily expected to wear clothes with maximalism concept in mind when you’re in Japan. Minimalist Japanese style is much adored. Yup, tip number one is to bring basic staple items only. This will certainly help you in eliminating items when packing.

Tip numero dos, decide on the color palette of your outfits beforehand. We’d say for autumn, warm colors rule! Colors such as beige, brown, olive, burgundy, and mustard fit with the surrounding around you. To create harmony, you can mix those colors above with dusty pink, navy blue, black, white, and dark grey.

Tip number three, don’t forget to make a list of items you’ll wear for each day. You can use our lists below if you want!


Coat, Sneakers, Knit Sweater, Jeans, Shirt, Sling Bag, Hat, Sunglasses


Coat, Sneakers, Dress, Turtleneck Top, Hat, Sling Bag


Coat, Knit Sweater, Pants, Sneakers, Hat, Sunglasses, Sling Bag, Sunglasses


Coat, Knit Sweater, Dress, Jeans, Hat, Hand Bag, Boots


Coat, Knit Sweater, Pants, Boots, Turtleneck Top, Boots, Hand Bag


Coat, Knit Sweater, Pants, Boots, Coat, Hand Bag, Beanie, Turtleneck Top


Coat, Sweater, Coat, Pants, Glasses, Boots, Hand Bag

Not only a list can make you less likely to forget about things, it can help you visualize better.

When you’re making a list of things to be worn each day, be smart and strategic. Jeans can be worn twice, coat can be worn everyday for the whole week, sweater can be worn twice, shoes and bags can be worn everyday for the whole week. If you’re staying at a BnB that allows you to wash your clothes, even better! The shirt and other tops can be worn twice as well. See? You’ve got less stuff already! 

Those are the three actionable tips that will help you pack for autumn. Now for style, we mentioned about minimalist Japanese style. It usually involves clean-cut, straight-cut clothings with basic colors and no added details. You don’t really need to think about accessories either, so it’s very simple.

Here are our picks for a 7-day vacation in Tokyo during autumn!

Day 1

When it comes to accessories, a bright yellow beret would be a more suitable choice for Tokyo cutesy vibe.

Day 2

Layer the dress with a turtleneck top to keep yourself warm.

Day 3

Police hat (peaked hat) and cat eye sunglasses combo are perfect to create an edgy look!

Day 4

Keep other items minimal, but let the dress speaks for you today. C’mon baby, it’s Tokyo!

Day 5

Pink and grey combo are underrated, but so good together.

Day 6

Maroon is such a great color for autumn.

Day 7

Sadly, holiday in Japan is over. Before going back, dress quirky once again. Mix classic prints in one look.