What to Include in Your Note to Our Stylist

We’ve got customers telling us that our picks were spot on and we really want to be honest with you—we don’t hire a fairy godmother, no hocus pocus in our office, and certainly no magical crystal ball on our stylists’ desks! If you have received boxes from us and you think we read your mind, it might be because you wrote a clear and detailed note to our stylists! So, instead of us reading your mind, it was us studying about you!

Now, if you’re about to purchase your first time ever Yuna Matchbox or if you once received a box that didn’t suit your likings (we have the tips here, please read it), these tips below may help you in writing a note to our stylist. We promise it’s actionable!

1. Be specific with the purpose of the items

To define the purpose of the items inside the box, these questions may help you. Ask yourself:

  • Do I order this box because I have a special occasion coming up? If yes, what is it?
  • Do I want the content of this box to be worn daily? If yes, where do I spend most of my time? Office? Campus? Cafe?
  • Do I order this box because I want to try a trend I’ve been wanting to try?
  • Do I order this box because I have nothing to wear for the upcoming vacation?

2. Write what you like instead of dislike

For most people, it’s easier to mention things they like instead of things they dislike. “I love the color navy blue and beige when it’s being paired” is easier to grasp than “I hate brown and pink. These two shouldn’t even exist!”. Okay, you don’t like brown and pink but there are 123456789 other colors and shades, so there’s a chance that you won’t like what we pick.

3. Have a complete look in mind? Write it down!

Sometimes you already have a mental image of a complete look. Say you write to us, “Outfit for a movie date dominated by pastel colors”, but if there’s a complete look in your head, spill it! Write “Outfit for a movie date dominated by pastel colors. I’m thinking of dusty pink blouse, black beret hat, white A-line skirts, and a brown sling bag.” We don’t always guarantee that we’ll get the exact pieces, but we always try our best to work around the request!

How is it? Not that hard, right? We’re always ready to receive your requests, so if you’re ready, order one of our Yuna Matchbox and write to our stylists!