What Seoul Girls are Currently Wearing

Recently, one of our team members just came back from a long trip from Seoul. Apparently, three weeks in Seoul during autumn gave her a lot of style inspirations that she starts to wish that somehow Indonesia will have 4 seasons LOL. “The layering game there was so strong, polished, and effortless, but it did make my eyes latched on their look,” she said.

Despite mostly known for its casual street look with famous local brands such as ADER ERROR, CRES. E. DIM/DIM. E. CRES, Rocket x Lunch, KYE, Charm’s, 87mm, and thisisneverthat, Seoul fashion (or maybe South Korea overal) is also known for its calm colors combination. “During autumn, I’ve seen a lot of young people dress with colors that mimic the autumn scenery itself. Lots of brown, deep red, beige, and deep green,” said our team member. “What’s special though, I often see colorful accessories in between. So, beige coat, white shirt, checked skirt, then red handbag. It was pleasing to the eye, sometimes I saw cool colors but in pastel shade, like lavender combined with a broken white turtleneck. A surprise to its own,” she continued.

Since she can’t contain her excitement after seeing many inspirations in front of her eyes, she’s determined to share it with you 🙂 So if you’re curious what are Seoul girls currently wearing, scroll through!

IG: @__kindacool

Maybe this is like what our team just said, the combination of warm outfits and bright accessories!

IG: @joankeem

Try admiring art in street style look like Joan did.

IG: @lovelyskinnypig

Some people may be intimidated by white shoes (but somehow love to wear white sneakers hmmm…) but honestly white shoes complement normcore look so much.

IG: @mulbada

Unique looking white blouse will always be on trend, TBH.

IG: @on_do__

Not only everyone in Seoul seems to have replaced their phone with the newest iPhone, people were also wearing classic blazer to keep themselves warm. After all, it’s currently 10-12°C in Seoul.

IG: @ashleybchoi

Checked suits were also seen everywhere. Combine it with a pair of black velvet boots and there you have it, a lethal combo.

IG: @yoo.xx

Surprisingly, Crocs sandals were quite popular there. Let’s vote, should we or should we not revive this trend?

IG: @songhaena

The fever of statement sneaker was still seen in Seoul during autumn! Can’t blame anyone ‘cause it does make the look more vibrant.

IG: @jinkyung3_3

Monochrome colors almost covered Seoul during autumn. What can we say? It’s practical, look put-together, and simple. Adding some prints here and there won’t hurt though!

IG: @eeyezi

What’s the secret to look cool instantly while wearing a maxi dress? Put on a simple black blazer and pair it with combat boots.

IG: @ah.hyeon

More to the sweeter side, this look is popular at the city parks, maybe because it’s so suitable for a picnic session? 

IG: @holly608

2019 proves that more people love to wear animal prints, especially when the fashion girls on Instagram were seen wearing their snake prints items! Such a moment in 2019. If you’re still not convinced that animal print is cool, try to pair it with leather blazer like this and find snow leopard print to make it less obvious that it’s animal print.

IG: @q2han

Boots, especially thigh-high boots are staples for the colder season! From velvet to leather, choose the one that’s more comfortable for you.

IG: @zoopeach

We admit we’re jealous at the layering game that Seoul girls are able to play. But when there’s a chance (say… if the rain is about to come and suddenly the AC in your office is colder than usual), try layering your dress or blouse with a turtleneck top!

IG: @____euna

Chunky sweaters are adorable and it was seen everywhere in Seoul! This preppy look can be copied, don’t worry, just change the chunky sweater with thinner cardigan and you’re set!