Welcoming Virgo Season

How are you feeling after the new moon in Leo? All good? Now that Leo season is over, we’re embracing Virgo season. This sign is not as intense as Leo, because unlike Leo who’s a fixed sign, Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury. Sure, Virgos can be intense too but only when people mess their organized life. Other than being known as an organized individual, they’re also known for being analytical and practical, with the impressive ability to focus.

While Leo moon might have inspired you to be bold and to start something with confidence.  Virgo season provides you with the energy to set order on some important things with slow and steady move. Don’t know what to wear in this Virgo season? Your next go-to outfit might have been written in the stars already! Look up!

Be at one with nature

You’re encouraged to take a quick walk in the park 0n a weekend, play at the beach, go fishing at the nearest lake, or even hike with your friends. Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo especially) enjoy being at one with nature. Leave your thick clothes this season and switch it to picnic clothes! You can wear gingham dress, stripes dress, or clothes made from linen and enjoy the breeze. Complete your breezy look with rattan bag or wide hats. 

Exceptional work ethic

Virgos have exceptional work ethics. Sometimes you’ll see them having a hard time struggling with perfectionism. People at work respect them because they manage their time well. Professionally, Virgo is someone who’s reliable at work. No wonder, during Virgo season, you’re expected to shine at your workplace. To celebrate Virgo and their professionalism at work, try to put on some twists to your regular work wear. Instead of plain buttoned blouse, opt for a blouse with unique details or even try to put on a deconstructed blouse. Wear corduroy pants, go with asymmetric pleated skirts, put on matching blazers and trousers, and look exceptionally chic at work!

More attentive to details

Because they’re naturally overthinkers, Virgos always double check everything. They’re attentive to details and care about small details. Under the influence of Virgo, we are expected to be more attentive to our surroundings. We’re encouraged to watch our diet, our lifestyle, our work-life balance, and other aspects in life. This is the time to reorganize your life if it went south. It’s only right to tidy up what’s been left behind. When it comes to outfit, don’t forget to accessorize. Remember, small details matter. From glasses to belt, any tiny unique details will make an impact!

If you’re inspired by this article, tell our stylists what do you want to wear during Virgo season. You best bet we’ll try to find it for you!

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