Welcoming Scorpio Season

Some of our customers may wonder, “How come my Matchbox fit me perfectly?” Well, aside from your meticulously written note to our stylists (thank you!), sometimes we do play with magic! Oh, we still don’t own a magic crystal ball in our office (yet), but we do look at the stars and believe in what lies in them.

OK, jokes aside, the true reason why your Matchbox fit you perfectly is because you help our stylists know about your preference better by writing a detailed note. But, sometimes we *DO* get style inspiration from zodiac signs.

This month, we bid goodbye to our indecisive but attractive Libra friends and welcome the daring and mysterious Scorpio babes. Not a Scorpio? Bet you still want to scroll down, cause their style truly is wonderful!

Back to Basic

A Scorpio never likes to call attention to themselves. They don’t like aggressive silhouettes, they dislike statement pieces, and ban over-the-top items from their wardrobe. Instead, they put more attention on basic pieces. So, they tend to shop a lot of basic pieces with higher quality. 

Emotional items over impulsive buy

Though they seem strong and can come off as stubborn, Scorpio is actually a softie at heart. Scorpio babes value their relationships with other people or things. They aren’t hesitant to be overprotective to what they think belongs to them. So sometimes, they keep clothes that may not fit them anymore (style or size wise) just because those clothes may have some meaning to them. 

When they shop, when they see items that they like, they’d go for it without much thinking. Their sensitive nature plays a part in this. They contain so much emotion that they couldn’t explain why they like the items with words. Just like when they see clothes that show a bit of skin! They’re sensual, so they’re leaning more towards sexier outfit options. However, since they don’t like to attract attention, they keep it lowkey with crop tops, off-shoulder tops, slit skirts or dress, and so on.

Dress Like Who You Are

Scorpio doesn’t care about any rules. They’re dynamic, daring, and fearless. They love to challenge the status quo and would argue with whoever comes across them. However, they’re also observant, mysterious, and can be quiet. These opposite characteristics are what make Scorpio… Scorpio! They’re hard to be boxed and they don’t like to be categorized into pre-made categories. They’re just… them. So, they sometimes dress like a lazy slouchy normcore enthusiast, and one day they can wear something so unlike them. But! One thing that you’ll always notice that Scorpio has is an edge.

Liking Scorpio’s styles? Try to dress like them. We can certainly help you shop some favorite items of Scorpio! Just don’t forget to mention it on your note when you order our Matchbox 🙂 

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