Welcoming Sagittarius Season

Do you have that one friend whose style can be grouped into two categories and those two are the exact 180° opposite? Check her star sign. Okay we’ll just tell you, they’re probably Sagittarius. Yup, funnily enough, most of us will probably expect it’s going to be a Libra (who can’t make up their mind), but turns out, when it comes to style, a Sagittarius can be either veeeery~ conservative and feminine or one day they’ll show up looking super tomboy and gothic. 

A bit chaotic not only in personality but also in style, Sagittarius best-known traits are adventurous, optimistic, and restless. These people can never stay put, they’ll always find something to think or even better, something to do! Sagittarius is also best-known for their honesty (which sometimes in certain scenarios is not needed LOL). They love to express themselves, so they’ll speak up whatever it is in their mind. People under this sign is enthusiastic, energetic, and mostly friendly.

So how is Sagittarius season going to affect you and your wardrobe? Scroll down to find out!

You will… be more sophisticated than usual

Sagittarius is chaotic and active, but they actually love to look put-together and polished. They always make sure that whenever they go out of the house, they put their best look and that best look better work for both day and night (as they’re very active and probably have their Google Calendar full of appointments).

You will… collect more basic pieces

Like we said earlier, they want a hassle-free outfit to accommodate their packed days, so they tend to have more basic pieces in their wardrobe such as crisp white shirt, denim, black dress, or A-line skirt.

You will… embrace your femininity 

Surprise, surprise, Sagittarius’ feminine side is actually quite strong and dominant. They shop for classically feminine silhouettes and not a fan of oversized trend.

You will… fall in love with details

Like we said earlier, their style is at the very end of the spectrum, it’s a ride or die for Sagittarius and nothing in between, she’s either girly or goth. Something like that. Just like its fellow fire signs who love to put on a show on a daily basis, sometimes Sagittarius can put on an unexpected outfit. When they’re in the mood to put on a show, Sagittarius will wear any item that has unique details (bow, tassel, ruffles, etc). She also never meets a pattern she doesn’t like. Often, she combines them. Hmm… interesting.

You will… vibe with athleisure

At the end of the day, Sagittarius seeks for comfort. Since they’re restless, dynamic, and active, they need outfits that won’t limit their movement or action. She loves being practical while at the same time looking gorgeous (and it’s possible!). So on some days, a Sagittarius will wear a crop top with trainers, but will throw on a blazer to look polished. 

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