Welcoming Capricorn Season

Happy birthday, Capricorn ladies! We need to applaud your resilience. You’re strong, driven, and always get things done. After a carefree and quite fiery Sagittarius season, we’re approaching Capricorn season which is all about getting organized, putting clear intention into everything we do, and being committed to make a change in our life. 

In general, Capricorn women are known for being responsible. They are also known for their stubborn and no-nonsense attitude. That’s why having a Capricorn by your side will actually help you manage your life better (they’re good with their finances too!). As we’re walking (we don’t like running) into 2020, literally a whole new decade, we’d like to give you Capricorn-esque style inspirations that will make you feel and look your best in the beginning of the new decade. Ready to see how Caps ladies dress themselves? Scroll through!

  • Capricorn ladies are obsessed with workwear

Please, if they could a complete workwear getup to bed, they definitely would! Since they’re highly organized, (frankly) a bit uptight, and formal, they like neat and immaculate items. When shopping, they tend to have this in mind, “Can this be worn at work?”.

  • Capricorn ladies are all about basic pieces

Almost similar to Scorpio, Capricorn loves to shop and invest in basic fashion items. From crisp white shirts to structured black bag, Capricorn ladies prefer to shop practical and necessary items. Hmm… could this be one of the reasons why they excel at maintaining their finances? *emoji thinking*

  • Capricorn ladies dress like school girls

Out of all trends and styles, Capricorn is particularly interested in preppy look. Swapping wardrobe with Cher Horrowitz from Clueless is probably their dream. Houndstooth and plaids prints, pussy-bow blouse, and buttoned skirt are probably their top items of all time. Not to mention “serious” colors such as cream, beige, brown, and black are their favorites too.

  • Capricorn ladies dress classy during the day, but sexily at night

Being a Capricorn doesn’t mean 24/7 seriousness, ‘cause when the night comes, their style changes effortlessly. When they’re required to dress up for important evening events, they opt for sexy and glamorous look (but of course, still classy and not overly-dressed).

  • Capricorn ladies wish normcore trend lasted longer

Looking at their overall traits, normcore seems to be the most fitting trend for a Capricorn. If you’re a maximalist (in terms of style), maybe this Capricorn season is the perfect time to switch things up a bit.

  • Capricorn ladies love simple and mature jewelry

Okay, but what even is “mature” in this context? How do we define “mature”? This is how we look at it, simpler shape and higher quality jewelry. Capricorns are not interested with fake or imitation. Even so, if they can’t have one, they’d still go for simple jewelry. That’s because they’re practical, so if they wear statement jewelry, they’d have to spend some time to adjust their outfit—and that’s a NO NO for a Capricorn.

If you’re feeling inspired by Capricorn ladies’ style, you can always rely on us to get you the best fashion items for your look in a Matchbox. Ordering a Matchbox and getting cute items can be done in one seating via our app! See you on the other side 🙂