Welcoming Aquarius Season

We can’t believe that Capricorn season is over already. Feels like yesterday when we tried to reorganize our closet to be more minimalist and mature-looking. Here comes the season of unique and eclectic flair. We’re entering Aquarius season, where we are free to experiment with shades of blue, prints, and everything in between. 

First, happy birthday Aquarius ladies! Y’all are bold, charismatic, and love to mix styles from different genres. There’s no such thing as rules in your world of fashion and style, you know who you are and you stick to what you think is best. You’re not easily shaken by other people’s judgment. But of course, you’re not as stubborn as the notorious stubborn bull, Taurus. 

Since you’re a curious individual who craves freedom, one of your style weaknesses is sometimes you’re feeling constrained by the trends set by the industry. Hence, there are times when you cave in and buy items just because you want to see what’s so good about the trend but end up hating it. More often than not, your wardrobe is the complete opposite of Capricorn’s wardrobe (think it’s time to ask your Capricorn friend to Marie Kondo you?). Another point that proves you are very different from Capricorn in terms of style is the amount of your basic pieces are less than your statement pieces which can be a good thing! 

So, how do Aquarius style themselves? We picked these 5 points based on our observation of some Aquarius babes around us! 

Aquarius ladies love prints

Not only do they love prints, they love wearing different prints at once. However, if you’re not in the mood, they often tone down their prints game by mixing it with basic minimalist piece.

Aquarius ladies are in their element with electric blue

We know for sure that Aquarius ladies have a thing for electric blue (and fuschia!). It is said that when others may feel intimidated by the color, on the other hand, Aquarius is comfortable with the bright color. What interesting is, Aquarius’ element isn’t even water. 

Aquarius breaks fashion rules often

A carefree individual like Aquarius doesn’t like to be ruled. Even when they read fashion news or fashion tips, they don’t take it right away, but will find ways to connect it with their likings. One of the fashion “rules” that Aquarius likes to break is pairing sandals with socks.

Aquarius will wear any shoes but high heels

We’ve mentioned how carefree and enthusiastic Aquarius babes are. These traits influence their decision in choosing footwear. They prefer to wear anything flat because flat shoes gives more freedom to move around. At formal events, they’re okay with wearing heels as long as it’s not more than 3 cm.

Aquarius principle is to mix basic and statement item everyday

There’s no such thing as Pink Wednesday (like in Mean Girls) or Laid Back Saturday. Aquarius will always wear something basic with statement piece in every occasion. For example, they may wear basic graphic t-shirt but it has something on its sleeves, or mixing the formal blazer with denim shorts.

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