We Asked Our Instagram Followers About These Trends

As fashion matchmakers, we always crave for style inspirations. We always want to know what are the current trends, what’s in or out, what’s currently being talked about, and what’s not popular among our followers. So… we did ask our Instagram followers about these trends. 

At first, we planned the poll to be just for fun. But then, after seeing the results, we’re inspired to write an article about the least popular or least liked trends. We think it’ll be helpful to give you tips and tricks on how to wear these underrated pieces. 

1. A-line Skirt v. Pencil Skirt

The difference between these two isn’t much, but enough to make us guessing is it because its tight fit that makes pencil skirt less popular than A-line skirt? If you feel like your movement is being limited when wearing a pencil skirt, then we recommend to try on a pencil skirt with slit on the side. The material of pencil skirt is also the key to make you feel more comfortable in it. Find the stretchy one!

2. Handbag v. Sling Bag

We all love a convenient sling bag. It’s easier to put the weight on your shoulder than to have it in your hand or wrist, so we see why sling bag is more popular. It’s good to switch things up sometimes though. When you’re bored with your sling bag and wanting to find inspirations, go to this article in which we rounded up some uniquely-shaped bags and handbags to spice up your everyday looks. Psst… you do know you can let our stylists know if you want to snatch them, right?

3. Animal Print v. Normcore

We weren’t so surprised to see the result for this one to be honest. Animal print is kinda intimidating. However, there are always ways to balance it out. First, find the perfect animal print that makes you feel comfortable. For beginners, we’d love to see you in zebra prints. From afar, they look like normal stripes! For leopard prints, if you can carefully examine, you can find the one that looks like polkadots. People won’t even notice them because they look similar to classic prints. Second, when it comes to mix and match, we think your outfit will look more put together if you pair the animal print with other items with similar color palette. Lastly, if you’re not confident enough yet, find boots or bags with animal prints. It’s usually snake prints for the accessories!

4. Ruffles v. Fringe

Wow! So much love for ruffles! We know we can always count on ruffles for a dramatic outfit entrance. But, we’re also a bit sad ‘cause fringe is also fun and exciting. Somebody pointed to us that it’s because fringe feels too cowboy-ish. Well, we beg to differ because we found ways to make you look yee hawt and not yeehaw.

Avoid wearing brown fringes because the color brown will add the rustic feeling to it, making it look cowboy-ish. Instead opt for glitter-y fringe dress! Pair fringe with minimalist pieces such as crisp white blouse, or clean-cut pencil skirt. You can also wear jeans with fringe bottom to look modern. As always, you can have a big impact through small item, so a bag with fringe will do good as well. 

5. Hot Pink v. Millennial Pink

Ah… where’s the fun? While millennial pink dominated the entire 2017 and half of 2018, hot pink is actually being worn by many fashion figures during fashion week. If you want to hop on the trend, it’s not too late. Since we don’t want you to miss the trend, we compiled our most favorite hot pink looks below!

6. Neon v. Pastel

Whoa… hold on. Only 6% of the voters like neon? 911 fashion emergency to the rescue! Neon is actually one of the biggest trends of Fall 2019. Just like with hot pink, we don’t want you to miss the trend, so below are our favorite neon looks that you can try!

7. Off-shoulder v. Simple Blouse

Honestly, we expected a more balanced result for this one because we know how off-shoulder top was on top of the fashion game circa 2018. But we understand that off-shoulder can be a bit “problematic” for some people. It exposes more skin and it often doesn’t stay still on its initial position. For these problems, you may want to find an off-shoulder blouse or shirt instead of the normal off-shoulder tops. It still covers up most of your shoulder’s areas, and it won’t fall off. Another tip, you can layer it with a denim overall! 

Interested in trying something from these trends? Order a Yuna Matchbox and let our stylists know which trends do you want to include in your box and we’ll do our best to find them!