We Approve This Dress for a Relaxing Day

As we go through our checklist items for what we define as a relaxing day, we can NEVER skip one thing: a comfortable dress. In our most perfect scenario, a relaxing day involves a cup of any warm beverages (we don’t want to start a war between coffee and tea lovers here), a good companion object (can be a book, a playlist, or a journal), and an effortless outfit. 

Fashionably speaking, a dress is an example of an effortless outfit since it provides you both comfort and style. Particularly, there’s this one dress style that seems to get more and more attention from Instagram girls and we too become more interested in it. Can’t you tell?

Definitely the oversized one is fitting for a relaxing day. But, specifically, we’re loving this puffy and bouncy dress style! The dress was starting to take over the major fashion scene during London Fashion Week in September 2019. A lot of the London it-girls did wear this dress and the dress was captured in many street photographers’ photos. According to Who What Wear, the trend also spike during Copenhagen Fashion Week, where LiketoKnow.It reported a 1600% surge in searches! Wow.

An all-round crowd pleaser, the dress seems to get more and more recognition as the days go by. In 2020, it’s predicted (by… not only our stylists, but also the fashion insiders) that puffy sleeves are going to stay. It’s even predicted to be one of the biggest trends!

Figured, the puffy sleeves are definitely making a statement while the oversized silhouette gives you much room to lounge around, it truly fits our definition of an effortless outfit to accompany us during our relaxing days.

You can totally rock this trend with a help of heeled sandals or a pair of mules. For handbag, keep it simple with either a structured bag or maybe a canvas tote bag for a laid-back vibe. Dainty and tiny jewelries are great for a relaxing day too! Lastly, a padded Prada-esque headband will finish off the look. Now you’re ready to go to your favorite cafe, your favorite city park, or malls for a day off.