Under-5-Minutes Outfits for Busy Moms

“Morning used to give me this weird boost of happiness, maybe because I used to have my morning time slow and very indulgent. I woke up at 7, never earlier than that. I’d drink a cup of hot latte, while listening to podcasts or sometimes just my BTS playlist. Then I’d enjoy my breakfast, bread, always soft and sweet bread. Sometimes, I’d take out a sheet mask from my freezer and put it on my face while binge-watching YouTube. But now, my mornings are so busy I barely have time to think about what I’m going to wear to… anywhere really,” said a friend of one of our writers when she’s asked about what changed in her routine after being a mom. “Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade motherhood with anything. I was saying, I’m more practical and strategic in spending my time nowadays,” she continued.

Maybe some moms could relate to her story, since moms are not only thinking about themselves but also the family. Has anyone eaten this morning? Does my partner need anything? Has the baby tucked in bed? So many thoughts and things to do, but so little time. It’s only logical for moms to put outfit-for-the-day at the very back of their mind.

If you’re a mom, these outfits are godsend. It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to put them on and you’ll look ultra cool while doing your activities. Scroll down to see them!

  • Anything with wide-leg jeans

The nature of jeans that is versatile and cool making it easier to be mixed and matched. You can literally pair anything with wide-leg jeans. With the shape of its end, it adds a nice little touch to your look. A simple racer top or your favorite loose blouse are great for maximum freedom.

  • Colorful blazer for working moms

Slap anything with colorful blazer and honestly you’re good to go. Even if you only wear a plain white t-shirt underneath and your trusty jeans or trainers, once you put on the colorful blazer, it’s a done deal.

  • Monochrome to save time

Who the fork even have time to think about color combinations at this point, right? The breakfast won’t cook itself, will it? In the morning, pick a color and start with a monochrome mindset in mind. If your top is red, your bottom can be either maroon or pink. If your bottom is navy, then your top can be sky blue. Simple!

  • Buttoned up top for breastfeeding

“One of my go-to top is actually a chunky cardigan with button. I could tuck in my baby, everything stays hidden, and she’ll also feel warm because of the cardigan,” said our friend. It doesn’t have to be a chunky cardigan if you don’t have, any buttoned up top would do, though. Satin-like fabric for pants will give you extra room to lounge around while breastfeed the baby.

  • Dramatic sleeves to the rescue

Need to go to an important event in the evening? No need to think about how to accessorize for the night. It’s such a hassle. Just find a dramatic top, preferably the ones with puffed sleeves or ruffles and you can go without even accessorizing, 

Let us help you, moms! When it comes to making women feel and look great, you can rely on our services (be it Matchbox, White Glove, or Style Corner).