Unboxing Your Narrative: What Should I Say in My Instagram Story?

Your Yuna Matchbox has arrived at your door. You get excited even just to see it on your hands. You are constantly fighting back the feelings of wanting to open it immediately and enjoying the look of the box for just a little bit longer. You grab your cellphone and access your Instagram Story to capture the moment of your very first Matchbox arrival.

But as soon as the camera turns agape, you wonder: what should I say?

For a moment, you might ask yourself: but why should I care?

Then, you respond: Well, it’s my Story, I can say whatever I want to say.

Let us tell you this. As you do the unboxing and have it recorded to your Story, actually, it’s not only you trying to “seize the moment”; what you posted there might help your friends with the same problem of being unable to pick the right clothes for themselves. Who knew that it could be their new inspiration for their OOTD confidante, right?

The only challenge, if not a problem, is sometimes you just don’t know what to say.

Now, allow us to give you several tips to get this issue over with. But before you continue, please keep in mind that the list below is highly subjective. You can include either only a few questions to your narrative OR, simply, all of them, whichever you like! Pick any that you prefer. And also, you don’t need to be too descriptive as you can write it down on the Note for Your Stylist later.

OK, so here it goes. Our highly subjective list:

  1. What do you think of the selected outfits for the first time?
  2. What do you think of the Matchbox Card?
  3. How transparent is the information on the bill?
  4. How likely would you recommend Matchbox to your friends?

Sounds easy, right? We hope it does.

All in all, we want you to know that your feedback in your Story couldn’t have been more important than anything else. That is why a dense pack of actual information will get your viewers into thinking whether they want to purchase the Matchbox or just swipe right to another person’s story.

That being said, let us break down the list with more fruitful details.

First of all, as you open the Matchbox, we want to know how convenient you feel about the outfits picked by our stylists. Do you like the colors, the materials, or, the whole thing, perhaps? You can also emphasize whether what you expected goes hand in hand with what you receive. This is important for us to see your first-time reaction and to avoid any mistakes in the future.

Another outstanding by-product you will find in the box is the Matchbox Card. There, you’ll see a direct note from your stylist and a collage of your curated items with instructional options to mix and match them with other items. You can comment on how helpful the stylist note is and on how readable the card is as a whole.

We’ve also included the bill inside your Matchbox to describe the price list and discounts. Let us know whether the information included are transparent enough for you based on your orders and how that certain level of transparency helped you compare the items we picked for you to, let’s say, quite similar items you already have.

Moving on, equally important question: do you like the entire idea of Matchbox in the first place? Is this the kind of product that people would remember for a long time? More importantly, would you recommend this to your friends? If they buy it, do you think they will regret it? Why not?

Lastly, this is an optional one. You can include it or completely single this out. Please tell us how early or late the Matchbox arrives. Although the website says clearly the estimated arrival dates after placing your payment, we never know your expectations. Did you expect it to arrive faster? Or did you wait for it just as leisurely as the website said it would, so you have nothing to lose at all?

All of a sudden, your camera from your phone starts to flicker. It’s been quite idle as you were wondering what to say in your Story. It’s waiting for you to capture the box lying unopened in your hands. You take a deep breath as you click the Story icon on your Instagram account.

But although you’ve read this all, you still have the final say.