Uh-oh, These Fashion Items Will Make You Look Older

Everybody loves staying young. Have you heard of Baddie Winkle? She’s a badass and stylish grandmother who’s living her best life dressing brightfully. The phrase age is just a number really applies for Baddie as she’s being named as an international fashion icon in the age of 88. 

Being told young is considered a compliment, but when we’re being told that we look older, we start to put up a defense. Probably because being young means you’re still on top of your game. Being young means you can still and are allowed to have fun with your outfit. And here we are, trying to slow down the process of aging with anti-aging cream or with our denim overalls LOL.

If you’re in your 20s, enjoy your time and don’t fall into these 4 traps that will make your look older than you actually are. Unless, if that’s something you want to achieve, looking more mature. What are the 4 items, you ask? Scroll down to read!

  • Pearl Accessories

There were times when pearl accessories was at its peak and those were the beginning of 2019 and summer 2019. Everyone seems to fall for this classic pieces. From hair pins, necklaces, to details on a bag, pearl dominated the beginning of 2019 and we’re not complaining. BUT! Know that pearl accessories can make you look more mature because pearl is usually worn during special occasions or any formal “adult” events. 

  • Pussy-bow on Blouse

A blouse itself has already given a mature vibe, but with a pussy-bow? Hmm… it somehow doubles the mature and grown up vibe. Maybe because it was primarily worn by women, artists, students, and intellectuals associated with the political left in 19th century France.

  • Stiletto

Can we just say it? We think stilettos are outdated. Sure, it’s a classic, but with so many great and modern heels design (mules, kitten heels, slingback heels, and block heels to name a few), stilettos look like ordinary pieces. Since it looks outdated, it gives you old or even ancient kind of vibe. Not to mention, the heels are high, sometimes uncomfortable, definitely not for women who have high mobility and seek comfort. 

  • Knitted Cardigan

Well, well, this list would be questionable if we don’t include knitted cardigan. It does feel comfortable (who doesn’t love to be wrapped in such warmth?!), but it reminds you of what grandmothers would wear. One way to make knitted cardigan is to pair it with trendy shoes. Play around, don’t button up all its buttons, wear a sharp pointy ankle boots, and accessorize!