Trend to Follow Based on Your Zodiac’s Element

Can you believe that it’s already in the middle of November? As in November, the 11th month, one more month to the last month of the year, 2 months before we officially leave 2019 and walk into 2020? Time surely flies fast. And fashion, fashion moves in the speed of light as well this year.

We’ve seen many trends come and go but there are 6 big trends that we think are worth following even until the end of 2019. BUT! So many trends, so little time to follow them all. Aha, that’s why… we’ve curated 6 big trends complete with which one you should follow based on the element of your sign. OK, quick recap if you don’t know your element yet:

  1. Fire Signs – Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius
  2. Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, & Capricorn
  3. Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius
  4. Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, & Pisces

Since we’ve covered the basics, let’s see which trend to follow based on your element!

  • Statement Sneakers/Dad’s Sneakers

We grew tired calling it dad’s sneakers so we’re just gonna call them statement sneakers at this point. This has proven how big this trend is. Balenciaga makes it viral and soon retailers have their own version of these statement sneakers. 

Not everyone wants or even dares to wear these sneakers. Some people think they look weird, or maybe too colorful for their likings but air signs will hop on this trend and will probably like it more than they thought! Since air signs are curious, flirty, and quick to adapt to things. These sneakers will probably tickle them with curiosity but soon they’ll fall in love with it.

Another element that we can see rocking these sneakers is fire signs. This element knows how to have fun and to attract attention. And what shoes would be better for those intentions? Statement sneakers!

  • Bike Shorts

Honestly, our Pinterest is full with pictures of fashion people wearing this! Knowing how powerful it is, we even included it as one of the items to have before 2019 ends! This one, oh this one only fire signs can rock it. It requires some balls to wear this and fire signs got it in them. The nature to be under the spotlight is in their blood!

  • Tortoise Accessories

One more unexpected candidate of the biggest trends in 2019 is tortoise accessories. Quoted from Glamour UK, Tortoise earrings are popular among the Pinterest audience, as users searches increased 679% in 2018 on the platform.From sunglasses, belts, bags to shoes, tortoise prints become one of the most popular animal prints (almost beating snake prints this year!). We have a crush on tortoise accessories, because it looks more subtle and looks elegant!

We can totally see earth signs having the same major crush as we do with tortoise accessories. Earth signs don’t like to attract attention and will choose the most subtle print to wear. The dreamy, calm, and sweet water signs may fall for this print as they love the subtlety in life. 

  • Snakeskin Print

While search about anything tortoise prints climbing up on Pinterest, snakeskin prints wins over Instagram. The fashion girls on Instagram seem to like this print and have probably replaced leopard print with this print. We can’t help but think that those fashion girls are mostly air signs and fire signs

  • Wrap Dress

We can’t even mention summer 2019 without inserting wrap dress as one of the most favorite trends in the season. Fit their dreamy and cozy personality, wrap dress must be popular among water signs. If you’re one of the water signs who haven’t tried this trend, don’t worry, better late than never! 

  • Living Coral

It feels incomplete if we don’t include Pantone’s Color of the Year as one of the trends to follow. For some time (in the beginning of 2019), outfit with Living Coral colors were seen everywhere! People seem to love this year’s Color of the Year since it does look really pretty and wearable on a daily basis. 

With such a feminine vibe, we think earth signs will perfectly carry this color. Their calm and soft exterior are perfect for this color.