Tips on How to Get the Best Matchbox for You

Nothing beats the feeling when we know that you’re a match with the Matchbox we send you. There’s no magic involved in our work, just a dedicated team and a lovely customer who’s being cooperative. We believe that the recipe for a successful relationship relies on how both parties communicate. Obviously, we don’t want to get our wires crossed.

If you plan to order your very first Yuna Matchbox, here are the tips you need to do to get the best Matchbox from us!

1. Fill in our Style Profile Quiz carefully

Believe it or not, we don’t own a magic crystal ball in our office. So we won’t know what you like, what’s your favorite color, what type of material you hate, if you don’t fill in the Style Profile Quiz. 

After you sign up/log in, go to “Account” then “My Style Profile”. Take your time to fill in all categories from “Body”, “Fit”, “Style”, to “You”. Your Style Profile is our one and only source of information about you (nothing creepy here, just style-wise)!

2. Update your Style Profile regularly, don’t leave it dusty

There’s nothing permanent except change. Let us know if your preferences have changed; if you like blue more than pink now, if you somehow grow taller, or if you suddenly hate ruffled shirt because your ex thought you look good in it. Your Style Profile can be updated anytime, anywhere. So, keep us posted, okay?

3. Give us the correct details

We appreciate you completing the Style Profile Quiz, but it also needs to be correct and detailed. We suggest you to set aside time to make sure that every measurement is correct. A measuring tape will be your best friend! We have written about this before, you can read it here.

4. Don’t miss the opportunity to give us feedback

Got something to say to us? Then you shouldn’t miss our feedback card! A feedback card is always included in the box, so feel free to write to us. We accept constructive criticism, but we do love to hear compliments! Tell us things that we do great, and let us know what we need to improve. Remember, the recipe for a successful relationship relies on how we communicate. Write the feedback in details; which item do you like/don’t like the most, why you don’t like it, what do you wish to receive next time, what should we pay attention more.

5. Always, always leave a note for our stylist

If after filling in our Style Profile Quiz you still feel like it’s not enough to accommodate what you want, you can utilize our “Matchbox Note” feature. After you select your prefered Yuna Matchbox, you’ll be able to write a note to our stylist. If you’re buying a Matchbox for a special occasion or a holiday trip, you can let us know via note. Maybe there’s a trend you’ve been eyeing, write that too on the note!

Everytime we pack and send out a Yuna Matchbox, we always feel these three emotions: excited, accomplished, and a bit nervous. How can we not? Every Yuna Matchbox was crafted carefully and dare we say we treat it like our own baby! We always send our Yuna Matchbox with a hope that the receiver (that’s you!) will love our baby as much as we love it. So whether this is your first encounter with us or this has been your many times with us, we hope our Matchbox will always be the best one for you!