The Power of Yellow

Look at the stars

Look how they shine for you

And everything you do

Yeah they were all yellow~ ♫

Take a look around you, how many things can you spot are in yellow? We can name many; a pen on our desks, our trash can near the door, egg yolk, someone’s skirt, and someone’s bag charm. Yellow seems to be around us, but many of us are still intimidated when it comes to wearing it. 

A friend of our freelance writer admits that she avoids wearing yellow because she doesn’t want to look like a giant walking sunflower. The color puts her in a spotlight, which she doesn’t enjoy, so she often “hides” in either beige or light brown colors.

Do you have doubts in wearing yellow too? If so, then this article may be perfect for you! Let’s get to know yellow first!

Introduction to the Color

Yellow is truly joyous and radiant color. It’s the color of happiness, optimism, hope, creativity, and sunshine. Yellow is the most visible color of the spectrum, which is perfect for attention grabbing. It is often perceived as being a high-energy color, mostly used in situations and products intended to create a sense of excitement or energy. 

Yellow and Its Alter Egos

Each shade of yellow has different meaning. From many sources that we have gathered, we found out that a bright yellow is great for clearing up the mind. A lemon-y yellow means a need for order in life. Citrine yellow is a bright energetic color that allows for the flow of ideas and visualization. Golden yellow represents curiosity. While a cream yellow encourages the creation of new ideas.

What about you? Which shade of yellow matches your current mood?

The Ways to Love Yellow

We decided to give you some tips to play and love yellow even more based on three personalities; rookie sunflower, bloomed sunflower, and the true sunflower.

Rookie Sunflower

If you think wearing yellow is silly yet intimidating, you fall into this category. A rookie sunflower usually is not a big fan of bright colors and tend to shop either neutral or muted colors.

Let’s approach yellow slowly, start from accessories! You can try to wear a bright yellow pouch, a fanny pack with a hint of mustard, a belt, or even a hair clip. Choose whichever item that doesn’t make you feel burdened or pressured.

Bloomed Sunflower

A blooming sunflower is someone who has played with yellow before and thinks of yellow as a color that can enhance her look. At this point, you’re playing a bigger game. You are naturally including yellow as a part of your outfit, either a yellow top or a yellow skirt or pants.

Try to find a yellow top or bottom with unique details such as ruffles, frills, or embellishment to level up your sunflower game without being totally bananas. It’s also time for you to try different shades of yellow!

True Sunflower

You’ve reached the top and we can say that you’re a sunflower personified! You may love yellow very much because it radiates happiness. You don’t wear yellow all the time but when you do… BBAMM! You nail it. You have found ways to wear (almost) all yellow with poise.

We know you’re already a pro but a little reminder: combine the color yellow with edgy accessories such as boots, studded belt, choker, or leather bag  to avoid looking overly bright. Also, mix up some materials, for example wear satin top with corduroy pants or chiffon skirt with velvet boots, to create more dimensions to your outfit.

Which one are you? You know we love to brighten up your day, so whenever you feel like ordering our Yuna Matchbox, leave a note, tell our stylists which sunflower do you want to become!

Fun fact: Did you know that the most common color for highlighters is yellow? It’s because it doesn’t leave a shadow on the page when photocopied.

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