The Power of Purple

When moonlight beams

And as long as my heart will beat, lover, we’ll always meet,

Here in my deep purple dreams ♫

  • Deep Purple (Frank Sinatra)

Did you miss our articles about color? We realized it’s been quite some time since the last article was posted where we talked about green. This time, we’re going to study more about the color purple.

Classified as secondary color, purple is made of 2 primary colors, blue and red. 

Unlike green, it’s not that common to spot purple in nature. Do you also think that it’s quite rare to spot purple items in stores? Nobody knows why though. Is it because purple looks difficult to be styled? Or is it because nobody actually knows the trick on how to bring the life out of purple? Well, fasten your seat belt because we’re gonna cram everything we know about purple in this article. Scroll down to see more styling inspirations!

Introduction to the Color

Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. Like we said earlier, purple is rarely spotted in nature. As a result it’s often seen as having sacred meaning. Lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are considered delicate and precious. This is also the reason why purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, power, and luxury. In ancient times, colored fabric were made from natural dyes. Since purple was (and still is) a rare sight in nature, the effort and cost to make purple colored fabric can only be obtained by people with wealth or certain status. 

In modern times, from a color psychology perspective, the color purple is seen as a relation to the fantasy world. It helps you to be more creative, because the color is believed to promote harmony between the mind and the emotions. 

Fun fact: Purple is one of the most difficult colors to ignore. It has the strongest electromagnetic wavelength. Which makes it a statement of individuality and uniqueness.

Purple and Its Alter Egos

We love to discover different meaning of a color’s shades. For purple, it’s believed that lavender, being one of the lightest shades of purple, means femininity. It’s a color about sensitivity, vulnerability, and beautiful things. Lilac on the other hand, the pale muted purple implies immaturity and youthfulness. It’s an enthusiastic color that also speaks for romance. Mauve is a tricky shade. It’s placed between lavender and lilac. Mauve means best effort. Plum is an old-looking color. The vibe surrounds the shade is vintage-ish. It’s the color of history. Lastly, deep purple is associated with spiritual attainment, but can be seen as a dark and arrogant color.

Purple’s Style Affair with Other Colors

Since it’s an underrated color, the styling option is considered limited by most people, but not for us. At Yuna&Co., we always love to find a new match between colors. With purple, it may look a bit tricky. But, we found that instead of pairing purple with “safe” colors, purple shines the most when it’s paired with bright warm colors such as orange and mustard, and also with bright cool colors such as green or blue. Don’t believe us? See for yourself 🙂

Items to Shop

Start having purple in your wardrobe with the help of our stylists! Choose whichever Matchbox type and tell our stylist that you’re currently in the mood for purple. Don’t forget to mention the shade you want most (we recommend lavender or plum for starters). We shall get back to you soon!