The Power of Dressing Up

There are always millions of reasons NOT to dress up today:

You don’t want to get the wrong attention.

You’re running late. 

People won’t notice anyway ( same pants three days in a row, anyone?)

There isn’t any special occasion. 

You’re busy, uninspired, not feeling it.

And the list goes on.

Granted, getting dressed is such a mundane thing. You do it so routinely everyday, is there even any point at making a difference day-by-day? Unless there is a specific reason or an occasion that calls for dressing up, why bother really?

Call it superficial, call it vain. But like it or not, fashion has always been a way to identify ourselves with something. A lot like hairdo or makeup and arts itself, dressing up is a form of self expression. And trust us when we say, self expression is not only important but also healthy. 

In many ways, dressing up is the same as applying red lipstick for a final touch of confidence. Or the way ladies tousle their hair for that finishing oomph. It’s the same as how we care for our manners and words. We do it because that’s the projection we want to put out there to the world, and maybe, the world may like us back for it. 

But we don’t dress up just because we want to be seen or liked. We dress up because it’s an act of appreciation for ourselves. And what happens next? It puts us in the right mood, it gives us a sense of control, and makes us feel like ourselves. And when you give a woman the freedom to be her authentic self, magical things happen. 

We perform better. We are more confident. We’re empowered. We don’t just fit in; We stand out. 

Dressing up doesn’t even have to conform to what society has to say. Our idea of dressing up can vary from looking put-together in your old jeans to getting extra dressy in a fancy power suit and heels.

It can be as simple as putting on a cute dress (instead of same pants three days in a row, anyone?), maybe wear those dainty earrings, a matching bag and a spritz of perfume to top it off. Anything works as long as you are consciously making an effort to look and feel like your best self – inside and out.

So yes, there are millions of reasons NOT to dress up today. But if there is just one reason of happiness, an inner voice that says “yes, do it”, then yes, do it.

Because there’s power in dressing up, and that power is happiness – personalized just for you. 

Speaking of personalized, other than our “Yuna Matchbox” and “Style Corner”, we also have “White Glove”—a personalized and hassle free styling service just for you who wants a bit of help from fashion professionals. With “White Glove” not only you will receive new pieces without going out of your house, you can have a 1-on-1 chat with our experienced stylist. 

Here’s how it goes, when you choose “White Glove”, as always, you’ll be asked to fill in a note to our stylist and attached 3 photos as style references. You will then continue to payment (the fee is not more than IDR 150,000,-! It will also be credited to your purchase if you shop for more than IDR 1,500,000,- so the fee is basically nonexistent!). After you pay, within the next 24 hours, you will be contacted by our stylist via Whatsapp to schedule a style consultation session. You can start to consult our stylist right away!

Is that it? Well, what if we tell you that you’ll get more? Ok, here we go. When you choose “White Glove”, you’re not only paying for style advice. Our skillful stylist will create a mood board and style board tailored to what you need and your preferences. Once you approve the mood board, the stylists will start looking for items for you (let our stylist know your budget! Also, tell the stylist if you want anything that’s on sale because… who doesn’t love sale, right?). 

Intrigued? Well, what can be better than trying it out by yourself? Read more about our “White Glove” service here.

This post was written by @pennapapier