The Power of Brown

We feel like we can hear a lot of people cheering on us for (finally) writing about the power of brown. Apparently brown is getting more and more popular (we predict it will be the next big color after Millennial Pink got big in 2018) since a lot of fashion girls (mostly from Japan and South Korea) have been wearing only brown and its shades on their Instagram. It wasn’t as popular because when it’s not paired correctly, your look can seem dull and lack depth. But thank God there’s normcore and minimalist trend in which brown is thriving!

One more reason why brown is getting more love is because it’s such a neutral and safe color that it’s best paired with highly common colors that can be found in everyone’s wardrobe such as white, grey, navy, and black. Let’s see how much power that brown has!

Introduction to the Color

Brown is often generalized to nature and viewed as something solid, reliable, and dependable. Probably because it is the color of the earth and soil. Moreover, brown is sensual, sensitive and warm, and gives one a sense of calmness and comfort. A brown-lover is most often reserved and not looking to attract attention to oneself. This individual values the basic necessities in life rather than luxury and extravagant belongings. That’s why we said earlier that we thank normcore and minimalist trends, it gives a medium for brown-lovers to express their style!

Brown and Its Alter Ego

Despite looking safe and some say… boring, brown actually has numerous shades! If it’s light brown, it’s linked to honesty, friendliness, and stability. While dark brown is associated with warm, comfortable, dull, sad, mature, predictable and low energy. Ivory is calming and sophisticated. Lastly, beige is considered practical, reliable, conservative and loyal. 

Ways to Brighten Up Brown

The main challenge with brown is how to liven it up. Since it’s a tricky color than can look uninteresting, we’ve rounded up color combinations for brown that we think are awesome! Check them out below!

Brown x Green

These two are the most common colors that we find in nature, so it’s not a strange or uncommon color combination to look at. Surely, it will give your look an earthy vibe. Luckily, both colors complement each other really well. Try wearing green sweatshirt with brown skirt or brown trousers.

Brown x Blue

Other two colors spotted in nature. Just like brown x green, brown x blue gives off a fresh and natural vibe. Avoid wearing dark blue and dark brown at the same time as it makes the look seems gloomy.

Brown x Yellow

When in doubt, try pairing the same colors under the same type (warm colors with warm colors, cool colors with cool colors). Both brown and yellow are coming from the warmer side, so when they’re combined, there will still be harmony in your look, it won’t be clashing with each other. In fact, they complement each other. Light brown blazer with a mustard-colored t-shirt are great for a casual day out.

Brown x Red

Everything with red instantly looks high-spirited and brown is not an exception. Since red is a really bright color, it will help give more life to a brown color. The combination of red and brown can also be found in nature (yup, autumn season!). One thing though, we don’t think this combination works for professional setting such as at the office or conference just because both are equally strong, thick, and solid colors.

Brown x Pink

Pink especially dusty or light pink will be such good companions to any brown items. Pink will help soften out the solidity of brown. It will help brown look more playful and less serious!

Here are some great brown items to shop if you’re interested in creating more looks with brown color!

When you order a Yuna Matchbox, make it an opportunity to try out something new! So, if you’re inspired by brown this time, let our stylists know!