The Easiest Ways to Style Plain White T-Shirt

Sometimes you open your closet and all you can spot is a white t-shirt. You mutter this to yourself, “Geez… I have nothing to wear”. No. You actually have something to wear and that something is actually a great basic piece to create your ‘Outfit of the Day’!

  • Pair them with matching blazer and skirt

Go for a preppy look and take this opportunity to channel your inner Cher Horowitz (Clueless, 1995) 

  • Put on a bright blazer

We promise it will brighten your day

  • Pink leather jacket won’t make you yawn

Bored with the regular black leather jacket? Try a pink one!

  • Layer it with a silk slip dress

You can always rely on simple K-fashion inspiration

  • All-white looks great on you too

If all-black is deemed as cool, so does all-white

  • Or you can go with rainbow to elevate your look

If a bright blazer can brighten your day, now multiply it by 10 with rainbow skirt

  • Wear it with a slip skirt

Chic with an edge

  • Animal print to purr-fect it

Sometimes animal print can look uncool if it’s paired with other prints. So the best way to utilize it is with a plain white t-shirt

  • Foolproof combo? Bomber jacket with a touch of printed silk scarf

With these, we suggest you to take endless selfies!

Lesson learned… never say never to a plain white t-shirt! It really is your closet hero. The fact that it can be worn with many things and with various styles just prove that this piece deserves its place in your wardrobe.