The 2 Need-To-Have Bag Trends For 2019

Bag addicts, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Yuna, we’re diehard fans of all types of bag- including those that are charting on the latest trends and worth your while. This time, we’re reporting you the 2019 Bag Trend where two particular types caught our attention best :

The Belt Bag – Forward With Elegance

2018 was big on Bum Bags aka fanny packs. We had our doubts at first, but were soon convinced by its extra convenience and stylish upgrades from the old “touristry” look back in the day. Following right behind the Bum Bag trend is the Belt Bag trend which is equally chic and practical, if not more!

In 2019, big brands from Givenchy to Chloe,Burberry, Fendi and Chanel have been launching their own version of belt bags. The belt-it and handsfree style continues strong with a touch of elegance and pristine like you’ve never seen before. Details are more refined, structures are highly varied and sizes get way interesting from standard to extra mini, just enough to store your airpods.

Our verdict is the belt bag trend is going to get bigger than ever, so if you haven’t made any purchase yet so far – now is really the time. Afterall, who doesn’t love a super functional handsfree bag while looking trendy at the same time? We know we do!

The XXL Tote – Room for Style

Move over mini bags, it’s time for giant ones to make a comeback! We’ve always been big fans of totes because how else can one hold all the daily essentials, a coffee tumblr, laptop, maybe the whole sports attire and basically our entire life together?

The trend was spotted when the designer for Jacquemus, known for creating micro bags, sent huge totes down the spring 2019 runway. Soon, Dior, Jill Sander to Bottega Veneta took the trend to the extreme with “ in-your-face” sizes that we absolutely approve.

If you’re not sold on an endlessly roomy XXL tote, we suggest to go with slightly bigger size, nothing too overpowering but still enough to make a statement. Thank us later when you’re running for a late morning and finding it super easy to cram all of your necessities into one life-saving tote!