Switch These Items Before 2019 Ends

We’re not the only ones who think that 2019 is basically moving in a flash, right? How come it’s already mid October and in 2 months we’re going to leave 2019 behind and welcome 2020? Mind-boggling, right?

With fashion trends come and go every month, it’s kinda hard to keep up with it. Especially when you’re not really involved in the industry. So we want to do a vibe check. We want to make sure that you’re making great style decisions before the year ends. Scroll through to see what items you need to switch before 2019 ends to keep you updated with the currents in fashion. 

1. Bomber Jacket to Blazer

Leave bomber jacket behind and don’t shop for more bomber this year. Blazer and suit trend have been highlighted in many fashion shows this year and we’re not complaining. We think the hype in bomber jacket has actually died down in 2017-2018 and other outerwear has been trying to fill in but we do think blazers are great! You can dress it up and dress it down. It can be worn in so many occasions from casual date to important meeting. 

2. Leggings to Bike Shorts

Is anyone here supporting the idea that leggings are considered as “real pants”? ‘Cos we’ve seen it many times that some people want leggings to be taken as “real pants” and how to say this without hurting anyone’s feelings… Hmm, it will never be. Unless, with the right styling. Same goes to bike shorts, one of the most recent trends that has taken over the internet. Bike shorts caused the stir a couple months ago (even until now!), with fashion girls all over the world embracing this “controversial” trend. If you want to hop on the should-be-worn-in-the-gym-only trend, we’d suggest you go with bike shorts instead of the outdated leggings.

3. Creepers to Dad’s Sneakers

Go to Instagram or Pinterest, visit any fashion girls’ accounts, scan over quickly and you’ll see them wearing these chunky sneakers (which is known as dad’s sneakers trend now). The kicks actually started to surface at the end of 2018, but only started to dominate in the middle of this year. They’re fun to wear, honestly. They’re chunky, colorful, and on-trend. What’s not to love?

4. Tiny Sunglasses to Tiny Rectangle Sunglasses

Yup, the tiny sunglasses trend isn’t going anywhere. It’s going to stay and we predict that it will continue on to early 2020. What matters now is the shape of the sunglasses. So far, throughout 2019 we’ve seen tiny cat eye sunglasses and tiny oval sunglasses in everyone’s closet, but we think it’s a bit tiring already. We recommend you to try out tiny rectangle sunglasses! They’re still on the tiny sunglasses trend with an element of timelessness (rectangle shape is a classic!).

5.  Stripe to Plaid

OK, disclaimer: this is not an attack to stripe print. We love stripe, and the classic stripe will always be our first love. Now that we sorted things out, hear hear. Though stripe is kinda irreplaceable in most of our closets, we do encourage you to try out new print. And for 2019, plaid is the ‘It’ print. Seen all over the fall runways, this trend allows you to take traditional, old-school prints like tartans, plaids and checks and make them cooler and more streetwise.