Styling Two-Pieces Like A Pro

Just like yin and yang, black and white, up and down – fashion can be as easy as pairing top and bottom, or any two pieces you have in mind. But of course, the devil is in the details which explains why sometimes it may take a bit more than imagination to make a two-pieces outfit works.

Speaking of the devil who works hard, our Yuna fashion stylists work even harder. That brings us to these fabulous collages comprised of 2 pieces of fashion items that you simply must try out yourself. Check them out below!

Slip & Stripe

A good quality camisole dress is as versatile as it gets. You can wear it individually, use it as outerwear, and also, as a slip dress underneath. The latest trend that we’re seeing right now is pairing this type of dress with a sweater for that casual chic look. You can also spice it up with everyone’s favourite pattern, stripes! The combination of silky smooth against your skin and warmth on top is just too delicious and stylish for words.

Sun Blocking

Think of sun blocking like the color blocking, only better. This chic top with rhinestones does all the deflecting while the bright yellow wrap skirt steals attention like nobody’s business. It’s truly a simple combination, but we keep it interesting colorwise and show a bit of flesh to get your mood going.

Call on Corduroy

We admit corduroy can be a tricky fabric to work with. It’s not always a win for us, but as fashion adventurers, never say no to corduroy because the complex texture is where it gets fun! A corduroy piece instantly brings a flair of brilliant and different vintage vibes- all of the elements that can work into your advantage in fashion. Pair it with another simple piece, and you can bet that your look gets instantly refreshing – just like our corduroy oversized jacket does here.

Modest Mode

Dressing in two-pieces is often about returning to the idea of modesty, of something that is efficient yet effective. Case in point, our selected High Collar Long Blouse in soothing blue and Ankle Length Checked Trousers. Each piece here is a winner, so make sure you collect high-quality fashion items that really stand out on their own. Remember, when done right, less is always more.

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