Style Inspirations from Hotel Del Luna

This is certainly not the first time we got style inspirations from movies or TV series. Previously, we wrote about style inspo that we got from Call Me by Your Name, and once in a while we also slipped in some style inspirations in our “What to Wear” or “How to Wear” series. We like to collect style inspo from movies because movies show us twists and endless possibilities of wearing daily items.

For this article,  we’re inspired by the outfits worn by Jang Man Wol, an unusual hotel owner located in Seoul. She’s been the owner/CEO of Hotel Del Luna for 1000 years. Becoming a hotel owner wasn’t a choice. She was punished by a deity disguised in human form named Mago, for being such a bad person during her life as a rebel and a fighter. To repay all the pain she has caused to other people, Jang Man Wol must stay in Hotel Del Luna to guide the spirits that she will escort to their resting spot. Basically, Hotel Del Luna is a top class hotel is unique in that it serves a select clientele—the dead. Only ghosts and spirits can be guests of this hotel. 

Being a badass and a boss that she is, her style is fierce, fun, but feminine at the same time. Jang Man Wol often wears formal items such as suits, shirts, and stiletto heels in bright colors. She loves wearing statement pieces, items with many details and prints. For example, in one episode she was seen wearing a gold maxi dress with a slit on the side, in which displays her leopard tights. She’s also a big fan of accessories, especially hair accessories! There’s no such thing as over-accessorize to her. She’s unapologetically herself. We can also see that there’s an element of oldies/vintage as she was told to have been existing for more than 1000 years!

If you feel like you’re up for bright colors, prints, and accessories, scroll through to see more style inspirations from Jang Man Wol.

Look 1

To dress like Jang Man Wol, make sure the maxi dress of your choice has these elements: 1. Flowy and thin fabric, 2. Pretty details such as ruffles, and 3. Either printed or is in bright color.

Look 2

Sometimes, when the night comes, Jang Man Wol will dress with darker colors such as black, navy, or deep green. This look is honestly a versatile look that you can wear to a wedding, an important occasion, or a dinner with friends. You can just take off the gloves if you think it’s too over-the-top.

Look 3

During the day, when she usually roams around to greet guests at the hotel or when she goes out with her fancy car to downtown Seoul, Jang Man Wol is often seen with a combo of flowy blouse and buttoned blazer. Earrings and hair pins can’t be left behind!

Oh, we think it’s gonna be fun if we can set up a Matchbox inspired by Jang Man Wol’s eclectic style. So if you’re feeling inspired and you want to try dressing up like her, you can try ordering our Deluxe Matchbox 🙂