Steal the Look: Zendaya

Previously, we’ve attempted to steal Blackpink’s Jennie’s style. If you want to read it, click here. Don’t blame us if you suddenly crave for tweed jackets and crop tops! We’re back for another attempt to steal another cool girl’s style and this time is a multi talented actress, Zendaya!

We can’t lie, we’re kinda obsessed with her effortless cool style (Aaannd… her TV series, Euphoria. Have you watched it? Zendaya plays the main character and the hit series is produced by Drake). We can see the style similarities between Rue (her character) and Zendaya in real life, but maybe minus the glamor, because when Zendaya is on red carpet event, she transforms into this sexy and glamorous creature! Let’s take a look at her daily style and steal ‘em.

Most of the time you’ll see Zendaya in the most comfortable-looking pullover or t-shirt with sneakers and trainers or jeans. Add a delicate necklace or minimal long earring to give a bit of girly touch and you’re good to go!

What should we name this look? Rebel with a cause? The combo of a cool printed or a band t-shirt and distressed jeans with preppy elements (read: socks and loafers) is unexpected. It’s like saying, “Well, I really was in school before going to this rock concert.”

Taking a walk with your lovely pet at a park? Be like Zendaya! Layer your basic white t-shirt with a black loose blazer. We think this outfit is cute for a stroll with your pet or when you’re planning to meet up with other pet lovers at the park.

Looks like Zendaya and outerwear can’t be separated. She’s spotted wearing an outerwear many many times! This leather jacket is definitely a YES if you want to create an edgy vibe to your look. You can literally wear it with anything and it will still look like you’re the baddest gal in town.

Sometimes all a girl wants to wear is just her comfiest sweatshirt and jeans. We totally support that. Especially on a slow Sunday afternoon, you can go to your favorite cafe, an art workshop, or a bookstore looking effortlessly chic with this look.

Another breezy, effortless styling from Zendaya! A shirtdress, a belt, and a pair of high converse could be your “Cool Girl Starter Kit”.

Uh… new girl, who dis? It’s still our superb Zendaya. We told you earlier right? She could be your friendly tomboy girl and then suddenly head-to-toe glamorous. The velvet blazer really does make us feel some type of way.

A pair of thigh-high boots? Whew, girrrlll. All we can say that this outfit screams confidence. 

Zendaya’s power items (that you may want to get):

Do you love her style as much as we do? If so, create your Zendaya-inspired Matchbox now and let our stylists know which Zendaya’s power items you want to be included.*

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