Steal the Look: NIKI

When we first listened to one of her songs, I Like U back in 2017, we never thought that the singer is an Indonesian. Maybe we missed the momentum, but at that time we hadn’t heard of NIKI in Indonesian radio stations or TV programs. Now, people know her even more from her song Lowkey. Putting only quality songs with strong vocals, she’s being recognized with her own name. Her talent backed by the skyrocketed fame has proven that a young Southeast Asian woman can rule the global music industry!

Speaking about ruling global music industry, NIKI’s personal style seems to represent the current street style trend of what today’s global youth is wearing. Let’s check out her style! 

Strolling around the city? Why not copy NIKI’s outfit? The bright orange hoodie is not to miss! Pair it with denim to add some coolness and big hoop earrings. You know what they say, the bigger the hoops the badder the girl.

An oversized sweater is definitely perfect for colder days (it’s December already!). With denim pants, big belt, and boots, you can get the perfect chilly day outfit without even trying too hard.

Overalls seem to be one of her power items as it’s seen in multiple times. Nobody blames her though, overalls just like jumpsuit offers practicality. So, when you’re having a hectic day wear an overall instead!

Since bomber jacket is out from 2019 trends, shall we start discussing about the possibility of nylon jacket taking over street style next year?

Need to replenish your caffeine intake in a flash? Wear your trusty oversized sweatshirt, a pair of statement (and flashy!) sneakers, and put on some shades, off you go!

The whole getup is so cute and unique! It looks NIKI tries to keep the colors consistent with iridescent theme from top to shoes. Worth to try!

Well, the rainy season has arrived, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bookmark this article as a reference if you want to copy this look next year during a summer vacation!

NIKI’s Power Items