Steal the Look: Jennie from Blackpink

While slaying with her bandmates under the name Blackpink on stage, Jennie is also slaying it in the fashion industry. Not only her face has graced a lot of fashion magazines’ pages, she’s also the ‘It’ girl for the brand Chanel. She’s often seen attending every Chanel’s shows in Seoul or overseas.

On stage, Jennie is often seen looking edgy and sporty with a hint of girly vibe from her accessories. Remember the revival of 90s hair pin trend recently? Yup, it did start from K-fashion—specifically from Jennie. 

Off stage, Jennie’s style is more laid-back. She dresses by the rule of athleisure with occasional burst of sporty and girly elements here and there. If you’re looking for inspirations of casual style that can be worn comfortably in your daily life, you can definitely steal her looks!

If you’re going to have an important formal event and tired of dress, tweed suit can be your go-to outfit.

Having a long haul flight? Stay comfortable with athleisure look. To avoid looking to gym-ish, add a cute small handbag!

Don’t be afraid to mix a sophisticated tweed jacket with casual and modern items like jeans and sneakers. They make a great surprise!

Black t-shirt and high sneakers may give you a strong skater girl look but with a ruffled skirt? It looks softer (and cuter!)

Wanting to wear a cute knit cardigan but don’t want to feel the heat? Why not wear it as a top rather than an outerwear?

When in doubt, go for classic prints! Stripe rules (Jennie knows that too)!

It seems like Jennie loves crop tops. She was seen wearing it multiple times in multiple occasions and there’s no sign she’ll stop wearing it anytime soon. This time, there’s just too much love for crop tops that she wore cropped outerwear with cropped t-shirt. Double the effect!

Jennie’s power items (that you may want to get):

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