Steal the Look: Girl Groups We Love

🎵 L.A. on my mind, I can’t breathe

You’re there when I close my eyes, so hard to reach

Your smiles turn into crying, it’s the same release

And you always know, and you always know ♪

Have you heard the latest release from our forever-girl-crush HAIM? As always, their songs make us want to go on a drive, roll down the window and enjoy the breeze (except now that Jakarta is getting hotter, we can’t roll down the window anymore, can we?). Not only do we love listening to HAIM’s music, we love their style! The good news is, we’re not only going to talk about HAIM’s style but other girl groups that we adore!

We’re excited to share with you the girl groups we love. These girls know how to rock both music industry as well as fashion industry! Check them out.


The pop rock band surely knows how to dress. With effortless and breezy LA style, the three sisters charm the world. People label them the cool girls and it’s understandable because the way they dress reminds us of the cool Alexa Chung, just effortless and easy. They’re often seen wearing normal stuff that ordinary girls would wear such as t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. However, they do have their own power items like statement sunglasses, blazers, and bralette tops. Probably aside from good taste in picking fashion items, the X factor in their look is their confident attitude in every outfit. 


Some critics call them the duped of Spice Girls, but honestly we don’t see the similarities except they’re all coming from the UK. Both groups are great in their own way! Often sing about female empowerment, Little Mix power through with sexy getups and reclaim their femininity at the same time. The members love to wear crop tops, mini dress, and plunging neckline top or dresses. If you’re feeling yourself, try to go out to a fancy dinner or wedding invitation with a black dress with plunging neckline to steal the spotlight! 


On their way to world domination is probably an understatement. K-Pop is currently getting more and more recognition and so does Blackpink. They’re not only leaving dents in the global music industry but permanent footmarks. Not only they’re great performers, they’re also fashion darlings (high fashion brands and magazines make them their muses!). Figured, their styles are versatile, from girly to preppy to goth. But we can see how they still look for familiarity and often come back to their power items such as jeans, checked blazers, and graphic t-shirts. It’s true that Blackpink’s daily style is reflecting the what’s the current trend on the street.


One more female powerhouse coming from South Korea is Twice. Despite people criticizing and not taking them seriously just because they’re going with cute concept, being cute can be powerful. In fact, Twice is the first girl group from Korea to ever sold 7 million albums on both Gaon (Korea) and Oricon (Japan) chart! Up to this date, Twice keeps embracing the cute image that they have while starting to switch to more mature looks. For their recent comeback, Feel Special, the girls are emphasizing on precious jewelry and adornments which make them look a lot more mature. On their daily lives, however, the members seem to love wearing casual items such as shorts, checked blazers, bucket hat, and trainers.


Not widely known yet, The Aces is an American band with alternative pop as their genre. Though their music vibes differently than HAIM, The Aces has quite similar style with the Haim sisters, except they’re more grunge and more tomboy. From bomber jackets, combat boots, and mini leather skirt, these girls look cool and edgy while at the same time, trying to break the music industry globally. 


Now, how can we not mention the OG?! Spice Girls is our ultimate girl band and style icon! ‘90s babies know exactly what we’re talking about, Spice Girls brought so much fun to the world. Their music is fun, their personality is interesting, and their style is on point. Their outfit is basically ‘90s trends galore. You’ll see iconic items from the ‘90s on them such as racer tops, crop tops, hoop earrings, slit skirts, and trainers. 

Which one of these groups is your favorite? Just so you know, if you want to dress up like your faves, you can always count on our Matchbox! We’ll be happy to send you a box full of amazing items 🙂