Steal the Look: Barbie Ferreira

Are you following the hit series Euphoria? If you’re not, you should! Aside from its star-studded shows (featuring Zendaya!), Drake is the executive producer of the show. Can you imagine how cool the show is? 

Playing as Kat Hernandez whose style is absolutely euphoric (see what we did there?), we find Barbie’s style in real life is just as interesting as her character. We sneaked into her Instagram and foundnd how versatile her style is. She can be sweet and sexy and on the other post she’d rock streetwear item such as big puffer jacket and bright red high sneakers. 

Known for being vocal about body positivity, quoted from her interview with Glamour magazine, Barbie said that she relates to the character. “A lot of the auditions I get are very stereotypical plus-size roles where either she’s very insecure or one-dimensional. So when I read the sides for [Kat], I had to really take a moment. I called my agent and said, ‘It’s like they’re in my head.’ It was a fully developed character. I related to her so much.” No wonder Kat’s character is one of our favorites from the show. Her confidence definitely on par with her character! Scroll down to see if you can steal any looks she’s had!

For a hot summer day, opt for a white tank top and denim. Put on a choker and throw a bucket hat.

Buttoned blouse and jeans? Never wrong.

We never thought that a crop top with an asymmetric skirt will look this cool. Also, there’s no such thing as “Socks can’t be paired with sandals” ‘cause Barbie just makes it work.

A vintage-looking leather boots can surely add certain flair to your outfit. Hmmm… let’s try!

Glittery socks are unexpected for a sporty look. But this one, it goes alright, yeah?

When we said that her style is versatile, this is one of the examples. A feminine top with racer pants? Who would’ve thought!

Aha, this top is a genius. The black line creates a slimming illusion.

Barbie teaches you how to camouflage the right way.

Who says a curvy woman can’t rock cheerleader skirt? Tie the shirt to create a major ‘90s vibe.

Seems like Barbie does like this skirt. A colorful printed blouse can be its companion.

This look somehow gives us a rebel goth student vibe. Is it the bright and shiny orange top? Is it the choker? Is it the outerwear? Whatever that is, this look definitely caught our eyes!