Power Items to Wear with Your Hijab

Now that the fashion industry has moved in such a direction that makes modest dressing easier and more accessible with abundant variety of items, we feel the need to share our curated power items to be worn with hijab that can level up your look in an instant.

1. Printed Pants

When you decide to wear printed pants, you may want to keep other pieces simple and clean-cut.

2. Maxi Kimono

Maxi kimono will give a dramatic and a bit luxurious vibe to your look, especially the one made of satin or other lightweight material. It’s best to pick the lightweight material though, because it doesn’t fall on your body awkwardly.

3. Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts are must-shop! Versatile, chic, and unique, pleated skirts are loved by many. The pleats make the skirts look unique but not overwhelming and it still looks good even though they’re made of different materials from velvet to satin.

4. Matching Suit

Oof, the power of matching blazer and trousers is just undeniable! People won’t catch you slipping with this pair, ever. The blazer itself is already a statement piece, combined it with matching trousers, it will definitely make you look cooler.

5. Layering Technique

Well… this isn’t exactly a power item but certainly a power move! Try layering a comfy sweater with pinafore dress and maxi skirt! There’s no such thing as boring from this look.

We’ve got more power items and moves for you who wear hijab, but it’d be better to share it with you via 1-on-1 chat consultation! Ask us directly through our “White Glove” service. Interested to try? Simply click here and you’ll be redirected to our “White Glove” page.