Our Stylist Answers: Who Can Pull Off Neon Colors?

Yup, it’s a regular thing now! Every week, we will pick a tricky fashion question and try our best to answer it for you! How do we find the question? Well… we’re lurking around so if you have any questions, leave it on our social media. We might pick yours! 

This week we caught up with our experienced stylist Nadya to answer “Who can pull-off neon colors?”. We notice that neon is still underrated and a lot of people shy away from it because they’re afraid they may look too loud or neon colors just don’t match with their skin colors. So, we’re committed to get this question down!

Nad, let’s start with the myth that circles around neon colors. Is it true that neon myth will only look good on certain skin color?

Oh, no. Not at all! To be honest, the answer to the main question is already clear. ‘Who can actually pull off neon colors?’ Everyone! Every skin color! I think fashion has no limitations. It really depends on us, how do we see neon colors, because if you think that you have the confidence to wear neon colors, then you can pull it off! Personally, I like the way neon colors contrasted tanned skin. It brings so much personality to the color and their style!

What’s the best event or occasion to wear neon colors? A lot of people are asking this since neon colors are very bright and quite intimidating for formal events.

I think they’re closely related to any events that require a lot of energy, hype, and fun. Neon colors are staples for festival season! I think because in the crowd of people, you kinda want to stand out. Also, they’re just radiating happy and energetic vibe, very fitting with the festive mood!

Any tips to wear neon colors without looking too much?

Basic pieces are your best friends. It’s important to balance it out, for example, pair the neon top with denim or neutral colored bottom. Another example is pairing neon outerwear with neutral colored top. You can also try neon accessories with neutral colored outfit. Find the perfect balance that suits your preference.

Where do we start with neon colors?

I personally would start with outerwear. Like if you want to wear a black dress or a black jumpsuit, to add some ‘pop!’ you can wear your neon colored outerwear. It will instantly add so much to your look. Then if later you don’t feel like it, you can take off the outerwear. With neon colors, it’s either you hate it or you love it. It’s a statement piece, so I think an outerwear is a safe bet!

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