Our Stylist Answers: What to Wear to a No Dress Code Event

Imagine the horror! You got a wedding invitation from a colleague and there’s 0 information about what you should wear to the reception. You might think, “Why would they do this to me? What to wear?” As if “International” dress code isn’t hard enough to decipher, one day you may get a no dress code invitation to an important event. And before THAT day comes, go read this article to help you find a foolproof outfit!

This week, we asked Angel our style expert about this dilemma. Here’s her answer…

“First and foremost, take a look at the invitation’s design! More often than not, the design is in-line with the theme and concept of the wedding or event. After that, I’ll dig deeper. I’ll start looking for the venue and from here I can usually guess the vibe, casual or not,” says Angel.

Any colors that can be the life-saver in this situation?

Black! You can never go wrong with black.

For emergency purpose one day, if we do *gulp* get an invitation with no dress code info, what are the 5 items that we need to have?

I’d say… little black dress, white shirt, black long culottes, high quality jeans, and classic heels. With these 5 items, we can freely dress up or dress down to suit any events. Bring it on!

Can Yuna help me in this?

Of course! For this type of dilemma, I think our Deluxe Matchbox will be the best option. While our Basic Matchbox is great too, our Deluxe Matchbox allows you and the stylist to pick higher quality items that can be worn at many important events with no dress code! It’s worth it to pay slightly more, so you’re able to enjoy higher quality items that can be worn for longer time!