Our Stylist Answers: What Style Service is Suitable for a Fresh Graduate?

Fresh graduates, assemble! Congratulations on your graduation! This is definitely not the end, but only a beginning—to something greater and something better. You’re about to dive into the professional world. Yay, exciting right? To celebrate your way into the true and real phase of adulthood, you may want to treat yourself a Yuna Matchbox!

If you’re not sure what to get though, our stylist, Selis is ready to give you the answer. We asked and she delivered!

Selis Answers:

I think the most suitable purchase for fresh graduates is our Basic Matchbox. The price is quite affordable and the products value that they will get worth more! From styling perspective, if you choose 3 clothings + 1 item (either bag/shoes/accessories) lineup, you can mix and match it up to 3 looks! 

Why not the Workwear Matchbox, Sel?

Workwear Matchbox is aimed for the young professionals who are currently working. They already know their work environment and vibe really well, whether the office’s dress code is more casual or formal. So, when a fresh graduate orders a Workwear Matchbox but doesn’t actually know the office vibe, it can be a waste. You don’t want to show up with the inappropriate outfit or in our language saltum

Any tips for a successful first time order? How to write a note for our stylists, perhaps?

First and foremost it has to be clear and detailed. You need to let us know the purpose of the items you want, is it for weekend hangout? Or a family gathering? Or maybe you want to get a getup for work interview. Second, let us know about your overall style preference. Do you like sporty look or do you prefer girly? Next, please attach your references so we can visualize your style better. Lastly, on the note don’t give us room to guess what you want. Some people wrote “surprise me” but later asked for an exchange. I think when you write “surprise me”, we hope you would truly embrace the unexpected element. 

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