Our Stylist Answers: The Best Cutting for Large Body

We hope you enjoy our “Our Stylist Answers” series! Every week, we’re picking one of the most puzzling style questions and solve it for you! If you missed the previous articles, you can read about Matchbox that’s most suitable for fresh graduates here, and the answer to which skirt is best for pear-shaped body here. But now, let’s talk about the best cutting for curvy/larger bodies.

We’ve got our stylist, Nadya to answer today’s topic!

Nad, a lot of people ask this question. What are the differences between large and curvy body? Is large body referring to apple shape and curve is pear shape?

Large is a clothing size, not a body type, and I personally think the definition of being curvy is about how curves on someone’s body are visible regardless of their size. So, both are not referring to any body shapes. Now, pear-shaped body means you have smaller bust and waist with wider hip. While apple-shaped body is the opposite of pear-shaped body. If you have apple-shaped body, your shoulders, bust, and bust are bigger than your hip.

Understood. Now to the most asked questions: which cutting is the best for people who wear large or extra large size? Mostly people choose the oversized cutting to hide their body. What do you think?

I got this question a lot. In my opinion, BIG NO. The most important thing is knowing your body first. Find a part of your body that you’re most confident with. Take time to get to know your bodyfind the things you like and acknowledge the things you’re not too confident with. 

For example you’re confident with your legs but not so much with your upper body. Then, you can start looking for clothing with cutting that can minimize your upper body and show your lower body. It’s all about illusions that we create. Other than cutting, you can play with colors as well! It’s not even a secret anymore that darker colors can make your body looks slimmer. Yep, colors, plural, so not only black, but colors like maroon, navy, and army help as well!

Handy tips in choosing clothes for large size?

It’s on you, really. Remember which body part you’re most confident with. Every body shape is different, and so is personal taste. But, a couple of tips that might come in handy when choosing clothes:

  • V-neck cutting is suitable when you want to make your upper body looks slimmer (especially shoulder)
  • I personally think you shouldn’t hide your curves! So, peplum top that shows off the waist is really flattering
  • High-wait is a life-saver if you want to make your legs look longer (werk that!)
  • If you’re more into girly style, make flare skirt your best friend if you want to hide your thighs

Last one, anything to avoid and to embrace?

Hmm… things to avoid… wrong sizing! Even if you are a bigger girl, the correct sizing. Not overly oversized, and not too small. Fashion or not, feeling comfortable in your clothes is more important! Other than all the fashion theories, one thing you must avoid is toxic opinions! Hahaha… Seriously, I think everybody has their handful share of opinions and you can’t just please everyone. It’s good to hear some opinions but avoid the toxic ones at all cost. Don’t let other people bring you down!

Things to embrace… everything! Everyone is beautiful in their own shape, and that’s what makes you unique. Skinnier people want to have some curves, and larger people want to skinner, we’re just never satisfied and we always have something mean to say about ourselves. Make sure to be kind to yourself, remember all those curves are A+ and you own it. One last thing, remember to be happy and healthy because that’s the most important part!

Just an FYI, the writer got sappy at the end of writing this. You go, girl!