Our Stylist Answers: Shop for Clothes the Smarter Way

Ever wonder why your wardrobe is always full and your wallet feels thinner after you shop? That means you don’t shop efficiently and effectively! It’s a been there done that type of thing, but hey… it’s never too late to change for the better, right? Also, it’s getting closer to 2020, so if one of your resolutions is to shop smarter, then this article is for you!

We had a cup of warm tea with our stylish fairy godmother, Selis, while at the same time taking notes on how to shop for clothes in a better way. Curious what she had to say about this? Read through!

Sel, we know the whole “Fashion/trend fades, but style is eternal” thing, but sometimes we still want to keep up with the latest trend. How do we keep up with trends and shop the trends without spending too much coins?

One of my ways to keep up with trends is to follow fashion brands on social media. It helps me to know everytime they launch new collection. Another way to keep up with trends is to observe offline stores at big shopping malls. Usually, offline stores will launch (if not same) similar trends to what’s currently happening in the industry. In my opinion, shopping based on trends isn’t important, but it’s necessary to at least know about what’s happening so we’re not out of the loop. For shopping, be mindful and practice self-control! 

Mindful! That’s the word. Do you have any tips on being mindful when shopping?

Always, always budget your shopping. Whenever I want to shop, I always list down what items I really need. Once I know, I will compare the similar item from brand A to other brand. This takes time, so don’t rush. Just think carefully. Another way to budget my shopping is to always consider value. For example buying a Matchbox which has higher value but cheaper price. It saves so much money and time because you shop once but you get 2-4 items right away!

Noted! So you said you take time before you shop, what do you usually do though?

I always go with this process:

  1. Research – I need to know the item that I want to buy and the quality of it.
  2. Compare – Not only about the price, but always compare the quality!
  3. Return – Find out about the return policy of an item! Bet you didn’t see this tip coming, right? Knowing the return policy of an item helps you lessened the regret (LOL). When we’re shopping, sometimes we’re too caught up in the moment upon finding something that seems like our new favorite thing, but after the second try, the fit doesn’t look good on us. So by knowing the return policy, though you can’t exchange the item, at least you can get a better fit.

Wow, never thought of return policy before! Thanks, Sel. Oh, what are the 3 questions you ask before you shop?

It follows the actions above actually. Can I return this item? Does the price match the quality? With this price, what benefit or value do I get? Something like that hehe.

Lastly, how do you shop, Sel? Spill the tea!

I usually look for what I need or want online. So, after I find it, I’ll sneak around to see if other brands have something similar with cheaper price or maybe better quality. I always read what people say about the item, what do they think about the item, how’s the quality, how’s their shopping experience. Then I look at the payment and delivery method, is it easy and fast, and of course I read that return policy! Can’t skip that. Once I feel like everything is set, I proceed to payment. Done! 🙂 

Now, are you ready to shop for bigger value but cheaper price? Head to our app and order a Matchbox for a year-end treat for yourself!