Our Stylist Answers: I Hate my Body, How to Make Dressing Up Enjoyable?

To this date, our goal has been the same. We want to help women feel good about themselves and how they look by providing a seamless dressing up service. So when we receive an order and our customer writes her insecurities about her body, it makes us sad.

We decided to write an article about building confidence with the help of Vero, one of the style fairies here in Yuna. Loving ourselves, that includes the teeny tiny aspects of ourselves is hard but it’s not impossible. Let’s hear about what Vero thinks about confidence and self-acceptance!

Hi vero, have you got a customer that’s not so confident with herself? 

Yes, I often get clients who are not so confident about their body. They’d tell me about the body parts they’re not so fond of on their notes.

What do you usually do when you get this type of client?

I usually take notes of their insecurities and style them based on it. I give them pieces that suit or maybe “solve” their needs. For example, if they’re feeling insecure with their arms, I make sure to include a piece with hem that covers the part.

Personally, do you have any tips to be confident in every outfit you pick?

First, don’t wear something just because your friend looks great in it. We all have different body shapes and assets. In addition, there are colors and styles that look better on some of us than others. You have to feel your best in what you’re wearing so make sure to find out what works for you. Also, ignore sizing, but pay attention to the fit.

If a customer writes on her note, “I hate my body, what should I do to enjoy dressing up?”, what advice would you give to her?

Here are some tips:

#1 Stop waiting for something – just dress your best right now

This one is so important! Whether it’s when you’re finally losing weight, moving, graduating or something else: your life is not on hold just because you haven’t achieved all of your goals! Never wait until there’s something “big” in the future to embrace your true style and just dress exactly how you want to dress from now.

#2 Separate your body hang-ups from your style

Don’t allow body hang-ups (issues that keeps on hanging) keeping you from embracing your personal style. Because regardless of whether they are valid or not, they are out of the conversation. Being mega beautiful is not a prerequisite for having a great style. Plus, dressing up according to your own personal style will improve your overall confidence and will make you feel great about your appearance.

#3 Forget about “flattering”

If something is your style, I believe you should wear it – regardless of whether it supposedly “flatters” your body shape, or if it makes you look two pounds heavier or draws attention to “flaws”. 

#4 Don’t emulate others – develop your own look

Obviously it’s fine to get inspired by others, I’m all for that. But I believe that as women we are already way too often encouraged to emulate other “prettier, more successful” women rather than think for ourselves and make our own decisions about what to wear and what to look like. 

When you are trying to emulate someone else you may fall into the comparison trap. Comparing yourself is never a good idea if you care about your self-esteem, but when your point of comparison is a celebrity who had a whole team of professionals working on her look, you can only lose.

#5 Expand your style “comfort zone” piece by piece

You can learn to be more confident by taking baby steps. If you think you only 2 or 3 comfort pieces, believe me, you can add more slowly. Start from pairing a single bolder piece with your basics or wear a toned-down version of your dream look. Take it step by step, until your comfort zone is big enough to cover all of the colors, silhouettes and looks that you love – no matter how daring they seem to you right now. 

#6 Don’t let insecurities limit your true personal style

It’s likely that you have already internalized many of your self-imposed fashion-rules (like “Don’t wear skinny jeans because my thigh is huge”) and then automatically ignore certain things while looking for style inspirations. Forget about that. Let’s start new. No rules. Also, if it’s help, to get a more accurate picture of your personal style, imagine your fairy godmother gave you total confidence! 🙂

Do you think there are certain items that can help women be more confident?

Yes. I’m sure that we all have at least one item of clothing that makes us feel especially on point. It can be a dress, glasses, shoes, blazer or anything really!

This chat has been nothing but relieving! Glad to talk to you, Vero. Lastly, any tips to find our personal style that we can be confident with/proud of?

#1 Know your body type

You need to understand which clothes and shapes compliment your figure the best. Are your shoulders wider than your hips or are you a pear shape? Measuring yourself and figuring out your body shape will make choosing the right shapes for you so much easier. This will help you decide the best fit (not sizes, ok) for you.

#2 Find your signature pieces

This is an easy one, when you really think about it: what is your favourite piece of clothing, colour, print, a shape in your closet; what do you keep going back to? That’s your signature piece, and that’s what you should start building your personal style around.

#3 Invest in items you’ll wear forever

Once you’ve figured out your signature piece, perhaps you’d like to make sure that it’s the sort of quality that you can still wear in a long term

#4 Find the best colors for you

Bright colors are great because they tend to suit everyone (in my opinion). But there are some colors that we need to be more cautious. For example, some lighter tones should be avoided at all costs if you have a pale complexion. Otherwise you will blend with it too well. You can figure out the best colors for your skin tone easily with a simple color analysis.

#5 Create a mood board

Saving inspiring outfit photos on Instagram and Pinterest can save you a lot of time when figuring out what to wear next. That’s what we do in Yuna to help our customers find their best style. It’s really helpful!