Our Stylist Answers: How to Layer in Tropical Country

A confession is coming your way. We’d love to have four seasons just so we can play with more items. Imagine how powerful we’d look with cute coats and thick jackets! If the weather is cold, it feels like we have more chances to play with more items. And the freedom to add more items is refreshing, rather than being limited to only top and bottom 🙁

If the heat makes you doubtful about layering your outfit, worry not, we have summoned our style expert! Hint: it’s possible to layer even in hot weather.

Is it really possible to layer in this weather, though?

Yes! It’s possible. The key is to make sure that you choose breathable and comfortable fabrics. Also, wear bright-colored clothes. No, not because to fight with the sun, but darker colors, for example black absorbs more heat. So, no black!

What are the secrets to not feel like we’re sweating buckets underneath?

Wear either bright-colored outfits, or soft colors such as beige and white. Always wear breathable and cooling fabrics. Don’t wear thick clothes, wear something as thin as possible. After that, you can just wear an oversized outerwear. Oversized outerwear will give you (and your body!) more rooms for air.

Do you have a foolproof layered outfit?

Chic vibe like… the combination of floral pants with bright-colored blouse or top that matches the floral prints, or you can wear the floral pants with white top. Also, who doesn’t love stripes blazer? Combine a stripes black blazer with cuffed denim pants and a blue shirt. If you want to look more edgy, roll your sleeves to your elbows so the blue shirt can be seen, which makes the look more interesting! 

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