Our Stylist Answers: Break These Fashion Myths

What’s the most ridiculous saying that you’ve heard of your entire life? Ours is probably is ‘Young girls shouldn’t sit in front of the door, it will block the path to the soulmate!’ We just can’t connect the dots between sitting comfortably near the door and the possibility of having no soulmate. OK, but where is this going?, you may ask. Well, say no more. 

We’d like to settle your nerves on some fashion “myths” you’ve might heard. We’ve got Mel, our style expert who will help us debunk some of these widely-known fashion myths! Are you ready?

Myth #1

Black and blue color can’t be worn together. 

Mel says… 

This can’t actually be considered as myth, cause black, blue, and brown are just considered as dominant colors or solid colors. So I think it can be worn together. But, you gotta be cautious if both shades are too similar to each other, for example dark blue and black. If you wear them in one look, then it will look like you have 2 dominant colors. It’d be better if you can play with either shade. Maybe you can choose a lighter or brighter too blue. No need to pick something overly bright, just think about a shade that contrasts the black nicely. I think the safest choice would be a combination of blue jeans and black top 😀

Myth #2

Short women can’t wear maxi dress.

Mel says…

Oh, sure she can! As long as she’s comfortable with it, then why not? But maybe something to take into consideration would be if she wants to look taller, she can pick a midi dress because it’s necessary to show some legs so it doesn’t look like she’s drowned by the dress.

Myth #3

You can’t mix silver and gold jewelry

Mel says…

Yup, better not. Unless both colors are present in 1 jewelry, for example gold necklace with silver pendant, etc.The same black and blue principle applies here as well ‘cause both gold and silver are dominant colors. Additionally, we need to consider the element of shininess of the jewelry, so gotta be extra cautious in mixing these colors. One way to get around this is when you wear a gold dress with silver accessories (belt or bag). Other than that, it takes extra cautiousness when mixing these two.

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