Our Style Inspirations This Month: YOU!

Here at Yuna, our work doesn’t stop after we send you the perfect Matchbox. We’re always waiting for any feedback, love letters, or constructive criticism from you. So, when you feel like you have something to share with us about your Matchbox, please do tell us! Especially when it comes to you loving our picks, we definitely need to hear that. It fuels us to serve you better! 

You can either let us know by posting an unboxing video, a review on your Instagram account (do tag us @yunaandco), or snap a picture of you wearing the items from your Matchbox! Not only it’ll help us to know whether or not you’re happy with the items, but it can also inspire others!

Since sharing is caring, this time we’d like to share style tips from our biggest inspirations, our customers! Here are 5 looks you can try for different occasions.

  • Island getaway

Oh wow, we know these colors would look good together! Not to mention that pistachio is one of the hot trends in 2019. If you have a plan to escape from the city to the beach, this look is perfect! Isn’t the top cute? The ruffles definitely adds flair to the whole look.

  • Party fairy

When in doubt wear black, they say. But sometimes you’re not in the mood for dark color, hence when in doubt wear all white! White outfits are great if you’re going to a wedding reception or any special events. The color itself gives off fresh vibe! By the way, you are more than welcome to order a Matchbox from us and ask us to tailor it based on the occasion such as holiday, family event, or graduation. 

  • Office outing? Say no more

Whether you’re going to celebrate the team’s achievement, or planning to have fun after office hours, we think the look we sent Kerene is convenient for the occasion. The monochromatic colors are classic for workwear. For a night out with your colleagues, you can simply take off your blazer (or keep it on).

  • First date

Is this your first date with your crush? Show them that you’re dressing up effortlessly with this soft-colored long dress. It’s laid-back and casual, perfect to set the mood for the whole day. You don’t want to look like you’ve been in front of the mirror for eternity. With a more casual look, your date won’t be as nerve-wracking as you thought it would be!

  • Weekend market visit

The vibrant weekend market will require you to come with fun and vibrant getup as well. Put on a head accessories, wear it with bright yellow jacket and pink pants (such a beautiful color combination, right?). Since it’s probably gonna be crowded, a practical waist or small bag like this is hassle-free!

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