Our Picks from Spring/Summer 2020 Paris Fashion Week

Bonjour! Enchanté! Comment allez-vous? OK, enough with our faux French (Duolingo teaches us that!) A for effort, perhaps? Anyway, after picking up favorites from Spring/Summer 2020 New York Fashion Week , we’re now keeping an eye for Paris Fashion Week!

So many major shows to see, but so little time to pay attention to. No worries, that’s why we’re here with our picks. Which one is your favorite?

Isabel Marant

We can’t help but to feel like we’re in the middle of a cowboy movie with this collection. Ropes, fringes, and suede remind us of the West! Aside from the pretty strong West vibe, Isabel Marant also plays with bright colors, tie-dye, floral, and abstract prints. Also, see how the super short booty shorts is back on the runway? Time to be playful indeed!


Color block seems to be the highlight of Rochas’ show. Bold colors clashing beautifully with each other are pleasing to the eyes. Meanwhile some looks emphasize the quality of shiny materials. Despite being a pretty colorful show, Rochas keeps the clothes and accessories simple. 


Salute to this one! From our research, we found out that Yolanda Zobel, the Artistic Director of Courrèges is paying more attention to the issue of sustainability. The newest collection is not an exception. The vinyl jacket worn at the show was made from an algae-based alternative so they reduced the usage of plastic! Bravo! Overall, the collection shows off more fun and eclectic ways to wear athleisure. Neon colors rule the runway with a mix of neutral colors.


Massimo Giorgetti, the youthful designer behind the brand admitted that this show is the first show that he created a collection without inspiration! Instead, he was reflecting on his path on the fashion industry for a decade. The results? A playful and quirky collection with fresh colors, bows, and ruffles. We can definitely see how much the bow will influence the retail. Soon, all blouses will have bows on it. Bow wow wow!


3 words to describe Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection? One beautiful mess. Don’t get us wrong, we love this collection, but we can’t seem to find one red string that ties all the looks. We see how Valentino plays with volume, with neutral colors, then neon colors, suddenly prints, a bit of Renaissance vibe here and there, and some look like flapper dresses.