Our Customers’ Stories in Finding Their Personal Style

Yves Saint Laurent famously said “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” What differentiates fashion from style? Fashion can be considered as a tool, in which consists of many trends in each season and pieces created by designers. Fashion focuses more on the object and creation rather than the person wearing it. While style focuses more on the person. Style makes fashion stands out. Style makes fashion livelier. Another difference between fashion and style is that style goes beyond just clothes. Style is affected by somebody’s thinking process, culture, habits, activities, personality, and attitude.

The process of discovering our personal style takes time. It’s a personal and iterative process. Our journey in finding personal style may represent our identity’s revolution too. A lot of us are still going through the phase of knowing what we like and dislike. Trust us, it’s not impossible when we say that your personal style won’t remain exactly the same throughout the years. Read and get inspired by the story from Bry and Puteri, our lovely customers, about their personal style.


(30, Banker)

Q: Hi Puteri! Can you describe your personal style in 3 words?

A: Casual, Versatile, and sexy.

Q: Now if we look back to Puteri 3 years ago, how would you describe your personal style in 3 words?

A: Bohemian, sexy, and heels

Q: Do you find any differences between your personal style 5 years ago with your current style? Since we see some words to describe your personal style are different now.

A: Mostly because I feel like my current outfits are more edgy, but then sometimes it can be formal, sometimes sporty (I wear more sport shoes than high heels now hehe), so I can say I’m more adaptive and versatile now. While 5-10 years ago, I couldn’t live without tight clothes and bohemian stuff.

Q: So, where do you usually get your style inspirations then?

A: I mostly surf through social media. My top three are Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube! I also browse Yuna&Co.’s Journal! 

Q: Your journey is quite transformative! Care to share more about you finding your personal style?

A: Yes, the journey to my current personal style is quite “dramatic”. After giving birth, I had to find clothes that flatter my body at that time and it wasn’t easy at all. Eventually I had to compromise and let go of my tight clothes while slowly adapting a more casual approach and here I am with a more versatile and sexy look. I’d like to give a shoutout to Yuna&Co. as well because you guys helped me find my current style. This is because my first order was really satisfying so I did order again.

Q: Aaww, we’re glad that our service helped you. By the way, how was your first encounter with us?

A: I saw you guys first on my friend’s Instagram story. Uh… my friend isn’t exactly a fashionista hehe. Then I watched her did an unboxing story and wow she looked great! So I tried to lurk around your Instagram and ordered. I can say we’re a match so I keep ordering from you. Also, my job is pretty time consuming and I’m out of town a lot for business trips, I definitely have no time to shop for clothes. That’s where Yuna&Co. comes in handy! 

This is Puteri with the items that we picked for her” What do you think?


(27, Freelance Animator)

Q: Hi Bry! Can you describe your personal style in 3 words?

A: Ummm… can I describe it in 2 words? Japanese Casual.

Q: Now if we look back to Bry 3 years ago, how would you describe your personal style in 3 words?

A: Relax, jeans, and t-shirt.

Q: Do you find any differences between your personal style 5 years ago with your current style?

A: Not much. Now I just add more varieties to my style. For example, adding skirts, outerwear and more accessories.

Q: Where do you usually find style inspirations? Social media or celebrity crush perhaps?

A: No. I usually look for inspirations from sewing books.

Q: Wow, that’s interesting. What do you usually see from the book?

A: Every sewing book is different. Sometimes I’ll find ways to mix and match, sometimes I can see the sewing patterns. They also include photos so I can see how the clothes fit the body really well.

Q: Tell us more about this casual Japanese style that you like

A: Casual Japanese style usually plays around one piece, jeans, or jacket. Most of the time, the colors for this style is neutral and earthy colors such as olive or moss green, beige, prussian, blue, and grey. 

Q: Do you mind sharing the process of how you came to love this style?

A: Sure. Well, I’ve always been a fan of simple clothes made of materials that can make me feel warm. So, when I went to Japan, I felt connected with the style and the quality of Japanese clothes! That’s how I found my personal style.

Q: Lastly, we’re curious on how did you find us and eventually tried our service?

A: Haha… simply because I love the mix and match presented by Yuna&Co.! I saw an ad and it was casual Japanese style that I like; a beige sweater paired with prussian blue skirt!