Most Stylish Travel Destinations (+What to Pack!)

Some of us had enjoyed a long Christmas and New Year holiday since December last year, but to be honest, we can never get enough of holidays can’t we? So, if you haven’t decided where to go in 2020 for holidays, here we have 7 stylish destinations that will make you want to literally dress to impress (tons of great holiday photos are bonus)!

It’s never too early to plan a holiday, so let us begin by introducing the destinations and what to pack. Read below!

  • Bali

Why is Bali a stylish destination? The amazing landscapes and numerous Instagramable cafes will always make your snaps look beautiful. It’s also a summer paradise where you can wear your leisure outfits and still look good in pictures.

What to pack: flowy blouse, everything with floral prints, and sunnies!

  • Tokyo

The combination of its beautiful nature and its unique streets packed with fashionistas roaming around will definitely make your holiday photos more stand out. Additionally, Tokyo’s neighborhoods and cityscapes are just pleasing to the eye. 

What to pack: definitely a statement piece (be it clothes or accessories) that you’re confident with and proud of!

  • Seoul

What’s new? Along with Tokyo, London, NYC, and Paris, Seoul has become an ultimate destination for fashion insiders. The simplicity and the concept of genderless fashion are very apparent in the street of Seoul. Plus, the mix of its green parks, river, and their pretty buildings exterior make up an amazing holiday photos for sure.

What to pack: blazers, any beige or white pieces, dad’s sneakers, and unisex t-shirt.

  • Northern Italy

Northern Italy is mostly known as the heart of Italian culture, where the wine tastes finer, and the time is slower. It’s a pretty calm destination where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Italian coast while walking down the street and admiring the grand architecture of the old buildings. If you have seen the movie Call Me By Your Name, you know how charming this serene place.

What to pack: a wrap dress, shorts, and wide hat for sure.

  • Santorini

Santorini is named as the best Greek island. Undoubtedly, it’s the most popular Greek island (and probably the only Greek island that most people know). It’s not that hard to make photos as pretty as the ones you pinned on Pinterest when you’re in Santorini. The harmonious combination of white buildings, the signature blue domes and the candy-colored houses with the spectacular ocean view will make you want to have a mini photoshoot session. 

What to pack: crop tops, wide-leg pants, anything white, and a rattan accessories.

  • Palm Springs

Blessed with fascinatingly tall palm trees, Palm Springs offers you an iconic blend of a suburban scene and nature. During our Tumblr days, the images of the street of Palm Strings are considered as “aesthetically pleasing” images. As a part of California, the city attracts laid-back summer style.

What to pack: off the shoulder top, mini skirts, skater shoes, and big sunnies.

  • Kauai

We can’t get enough of beach destinations, that’s why we pick Kauai, an island in the Central Pacific, part of the Hawaiian archipelago. It’s another beautiful summer paradise that allows you to wear bright colors and prints all you want!

What to pack: your favorite summer dress, gold jewelries, and your handy but trusty handbag.